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Dispel and Neutralise Hate | Dissolve Problems | Cut cords

This protocol is the first in our astrological series, that seeks to address the various problems we face in our lives, as related to the various houses in our astrological charts. 

For those new to astrology, consider yourself as a body of energy, far greater than the size of your physical body. This body of energy is in constant flow and under the direct influence of a much larger body of energy, known as the solar system and galaxy. 

Our body of energy, is further broken into 12 equal sections or houses.  Each house has influence over a different area of our lives. The diagram below shows you a partial list of what houses control what area of our lives.

The various planets and zodiacs that reside in these houses at the time of our birth, and the planets that transit through these houses throughout our lives, activate and deactivate energies that establish the experiences we have, both internal and external. 

Unfortunately, whether we believe in it or not, makes no difference to how we’re influenced by the universe. 

This protocol focuses on an aspect of the 6th house, that deals with the various negative energies that flow into our lives from others. 

Each time someone reacts to your energy negatively, a cord is created between you both. Depending on your vibration, this can not only drain you, but also cause tremendous problems in your life. 

It is difficult to affect any other area of our lives until we clear the energy of the negative influence from others. 

This protocol utilises the energy of the 6th house of a persons natal chart, regardless of the zodiac or planet that resides there, to cut all cords connected to your energy body and chakras from others, and to transmute the negative energy of problems, which dissolves the root energetic cause of the problems itself. 

These problems could be anything from conflict with people, to undiagnosed illnesses, to issues with the emergence of enemies. 

Our advanced version also helps to deal with bigger problems like legal trouble, problems with the government, relenting issues with institutions, etc. 

The advanced version goes further to neutralise the energy of hate, enemies, and if need be, will return the negative energies of hate back to its source, without any negative karma accumulation on your part. 

As always, this protocol will be guided by your own soul to ensure that only that which the soul doesn’t deem necessary is dealt with by this formulation. 

This is a necessary file for everyone to use daily. Use this file at least once every day, following the simple instructions outlined below. 

At any time of the day or night, call upon your higher self, the God you have faith in, or Source itself, and say a little prayer in your own words. 

Something like ‘Dear Source, I ask for your input in dispelling all hate from my life, dissolve the energy of all problems and cut all cords attached to me. Please protect me from all of the negative energy of others in my life’.

Then, play the file and sit quietly allowing the energy to do its thing. We advise that you use speakers, allowing the energies to be exposed to your entire body. 

If you feel the need exists, you can play the file a second time. 

When done, go about your day as you normally would 

Doing this daily will dispel a great many problems in your life, especially if you find your sixth house being activated regularly by your lifestyle or the transit of planets. 

If using the advanced file, in your said prayer above, verbally or mentally state the problems you are facing, whether it be an illness that doctors are finding difficult to diagnose, or legal issues you’re having, describe it. Doing so, brings forth the energy of those issues before you, and then when you play the file, the energies will flow directly into the problems itself. 

If your issue is specific to a person or group of people you know or don’t know, ask the energies to dispel and neutralise the negative energies emanating from the source of the problems you’re facing. 

That’s it. Maintain your faith in your Source that all will be okay. 

Be well! 

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