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Spiritual Techniques

Maha Maya | The Divine Illusion

All of creation, including the multiverse, all of the dimensions, realms, and everything else contained within, that is, everything that is considered as existing separate from the original Source, is said to be not only temporary, but also illusionary. 

This includes us, in our present state, continually changing the characters and roles we play, life after life, here on Earth and beyond. 

The framework within which we co-create the illusionary existence, is known as Maha Maya, or the divine influence. 

It is due to Maha Maya, that we are able to experience duality. It’s as if all of creation is a massive play, on the Maha Maya stage, allowing us to experience creation from multiple perspectives. 

This protocol is the consciousness or conscious aspect of Maha Maya. It allows for the user to meditate with, engage with, and explore the illusion in a more conscious state. 

For more advanced spiritual practitioners, you may be able to converse with the conscious intelligence of Maha Maya herself, for it is considered to be an aspect of the divine feminine. 

Here is your chance to understand the illusionary existence that you are a character in. 

For those of you more materially inclined, consider that all of your material possessions too exist within the illusion, and so, it is possible to co-create with Maha Maya’s help. 

As mentioned in other articles, each individual is at the mercy of their own karmic reasons for their birth, with differing influences upon their existence, hence, how Maha Maya aides you in your quest in acquiring material possessions, will depend on your own engagement with Maha Maya. 

Let me confuse you a little further…if everything is encompassed within the illusion, then karmic limitations too, must be illusionary. Someone recently asked me how to transcend these limitations. My answer was ‘awareness’. When you become aware of how the illusion operates, you also become aware of how to transcend it. 

Personally, I’ve only engaged with Maha Maya for spiritual understanding and exploration of the illusion itself, hence, I don’t have guidance on how to achieve material success with her help. 

The reason for this is that I have no desire for material possessions, and Maha Maya only responds when you have sufficient motivation for that which you seek. 

For some, this maybe difficult to accept, however, you too will eventually get to a point where the material has no meaning for you. 

Since I don’t have sufficient motivation for material possessions, I did not receive an answer on how to seek help in material endeavours. 

I would suggest you seek to meditate with the file playing, visualising, imagining, or day dreaming the existence you seek. 

Normally, I would say for you to visualise energy pouring into the visualisation of your desire. 

Here, I would advise you to visualise or imagine the energy flowing out of your speakers, creating an orb of white light around you. This orb can be of any size. 

Note. Golden light is always of Source, white light Is always illusionary. 

Next, within the orb of illusion around you, imagine the existence or creation of your material desires.

For example, if you’re desiring changes to yourself, visualise the new you within the orb of white light. 

If you desire a physical object, say a particular type of car, maybe visualise the orb of energy covering your garage, with the car you desire parked within it. 

Build your reality within the orb of Maha Maya. 

You get the idea. Feel free to play around with this method. 

Just a word of warning though. Make sure you are certain of what you desire, as I am told, that whatever you imagine within the orb, will eventually manifest in your existence, at some point, If not this life, then certainly another. 

When imagining or visualising, try to follow the guidance of Abraham Hicks, and hold the visual for a minimum of 17 seconds, or if possible, for 67 seconds. At 67 seconds, the potency of energy within your visual is sufficient to trigger the manifestation process.

An advanced file for this protocol is not required. 

Meditate with this file 2 – 3 times, at a time when your mind is quiet. Play with speakers, at low to medium volume.

Enjoy exploring!

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