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Healing Frequencies

Energy Clearing Ukraine & Russia

Note. We’re having some issues rendering the video for Youtube. File will be uploaded to Youtube when the MP4 is ready. 

This protocol is an automation of an energy clearing that I have been performing daily for the last few days. 

Each time you play the file, the protocol will run again, repeating the clearing. When we keep clearing out the energy of war, and its causes, we’re weakening the continuation of the movement. 

Without going into too much detail, here is a snapshot of what this clearing does. There are two phases to this protocol. The first is a clearing. The second is infusing energy back into the grids. 

The protocol  connects with the energy bodies and energy grids of the country of Ukraine, Russia, their leaders (elected or otherwise), the military personnel of both countries, and most importantly, the people. 

We’re clearing out all of the negative energies of both countries, the vibration of war, the vibration of conflict, as well as, all entities that are negatively influencing the situation.

We’re also clearing out the energy of suffering, pain, displacement, frustration, hate, fear, etc, from Ukraine’s grid, and the Ukrainian people. 

The clearing also targets the leaders, especially the aggressor, and all decision makers, military leaders, etc, in removing the energy of all desire and motivation for war, to invade, to harm, to suppress, to control, etc. 

We’re also taping into the energy of probable time lines to clear out the probability of nuclear warfare. We’re weakening the potential for nuclear weaponry use each time we perform this clearing. 

The protocol will infuse back the energy of divine love, peace, will power of the people, etc, into the grids of both countries, empowering the people, shielding them, as well as, shifting the energy of power from the politicians, the Russian President, back to the people. 

This is a brief of what the protocol does. It’s our way of supporting the people of Ukraine, and also the peaceful people of Russia, who do not want this war. 

We request that you play this file once, two or three times throughout your day. This way, clearings will happen around the clock.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can play this file, if you wish to help the people and the region to establish peace.

It’s time the people of this world took back our collective power.

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