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Spiritual Techniques

Energy Signature of the Higher Vibration of Kleem Mantra Energised 108x

Kleem is one of the worlds most used, and easily recognised bheej (seed) mantras. It is also one of the most powerful seed vibrations in this universe.

It is a four syllable mantra, with numerous attraction and health related benefits. 

Kleem can evoke tremendous love and attraction in ones life, both in friendships and romantic love. 

It is one of the simplest ways of dissolving issues in existing relationships, re-establishing harmony, rekindling love, evoking passions, and re-establishing trust and understanding.

Additionally, the kleem vibration can benefit one in their professional lives, career or business. It will attract recognition, growth opportunities and customers. 

Also, kleem is known to attract prosperity, riches and luxuries in one’s life. 

Besides attraction powers, Kleem also provides numerous health benefits. 

The Kleem vibration is known to lower blood pressure, help with fever, headaches, depressive thoughts, and stress levels. 

From personal experience, kleem can also tremendously increase inner drive to achieve ones goals. 

Internally, Kleem boosts self confidence, self esteem, inner strength, removes inhibitions, and helps one overcome social reservations. 

This energy protocol is of the higher octave of kleem, as experienced in the astral world. This means the effect of this protocol can be more intense then the 3D vibration of kleem. 

The energy output in this file is equivalent to 108x intense iterations of the higher octave vibration, which is equivalent to 324 iterations of the 3D Kleem vibration. 

The best way to use this file is by meditating with it. 

Close your eyes and shift your focus onto your crown chakra. 

Take deep, slow breaths. Feel your body relaxing, and the energy pouring into you through your crown chakra, at the top of your physical head. 

You should begin to notice changes in yourself and those around you from 3 to 7 days of daily use. 

This vibration will begin to create tremendous changes in and around you, including on a physical level. So, remember to increase your intake of plenty of fresh water (2.5litres). This does not include any other liquids like coffee, tea or soft drinks. 

An advanced version is available in our site store. The advanced version has an energy output equivalency of 1008 iterations of the higher octave of the Kleem vibration, which is equivalent to 3024 iterations of the 3D kleem vibration. 

As always, headphones are not required. 

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