Supernatural Good Looks – Energetic Alchemy

Note. By ‘Supernatural’, I just mean extraordinary good looks – one in a million kind of transformation. 

My favourite part of the protocol creation process is the final energy testing phase. The reason for this is that I get to experience another part of creation, and the possibilities hidden away in the complexities of this beautiful Universe. 

This ‘Supernatural Good Looks’ protocol, allows for one to transform their physical looks to one that they determine to be supernaturally / extraordinarily attractive. 

NOTE. This won’t change your looks into someone completely different. For example, it won’t make you look like Brad Pitt, if you don’t already look very similar to him. 

It will enhance your present looks to a stage where you are naturally beautiful / handsome / attractive, to an extraordinary level. 

This includes minor changes from skin texture, to skin tone, to the size of your nose, jawline, collagen in your skin, to the 13 one millimetre corrections plastic surgeons make to transform one from being technically ugly, to being technically beautiful / handsome. 

And before anyone asks if it does something in particular, YES, it does EVERYTHING that is related to your looks, and EVERYTHING that will make you look amazing, including achieving facial symmetry. 

Keep in mind, this is not a subliminal file, it’s energy. Not programmed energy, but the actual field of energy that allows for the transformation of organic matter. The energy works on a cellular level. 

In addition, during the testing phase, I discovered that this also affects, what to me looks like, the illusion that we co-create with everyone that we co-exist with in our lives. 

In doing this, this file also allows others to experience what you consider to be good looking for you, and hence, with you, will find you and the physical changes achieved, to be attractive. 

Not only will this automatically work to transform your physical looks to that which YOU consider to be supernaturally good looking, it will also work to ensure that others also see you as good looking. 

The beautiful part about this formulation, which I really can’t take credit for, because it naturally came with this field of energy, is that this is not only skin deep. This file will bring out your inner beauty as well, and allow the world to see and recognise it. 

And I truly hope, that this file will allow many of you to begin to realise how beautiful you truly are, inside and out. Here is an opportunity to truly love yourself! 

I highly recommend that you use this file in conjunction with the DIY Biokinesis file. With that file, you may need to visualise the changes you desire. 

With this file, the file will take what you already have and begin the process of perfecting it, automatically. 

There is no time frame in how quickly this works. The simple changes will show overnight, whereas the bigger changes will take time. 

It will also help if you don’t check your appearance every five minutes or so. Let the process happen on its own. In time, the changes will happen. 

Whatever changes appear, will remain permanent. Please be aware, that you are still at the mercy of the environment and the ageing process. 

For example, if your skin becomes lighter, if you go out in the Sun, naturally, your skin will burn or darken. 

Listen to this file 2 – 3 times in the morning, and a couple of times in the afternoon/evening. Listen to this file like a normal music track, and let the energy do it’s thing. If you are not listening to too many files in one day, and you don’t feel overwhelmed from this, you may increase the number of times you listen, applying some common sense. 

For those of you seeking something a little more heavy duty, an Advanced Version is available in our site store for immediate download. 

With this file, I recommend increasing your water intake to at least 2.5 litres a day. 

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