Internal Manifestation Power (IMP)

This protocol is different from any other manifestation file we’ve released, because this one is a power that comes from within you, from your source. 

It will help you achieve, correct, enhance, empower and manifest pretty much anything in your life. The only limitations would be that which is determined by your Soul and planetary limitations for this lifetime. However, with continued use, those barriers will also melt away. 

Two inches to the left of your physical heart (when looking at yourself), is a power centre, more powerful than your solar plexus. This is known as the assemblage point. It is the source or core of a beings electromagnetic field.

Spiritually, it is also representative of the power centre of the galaxy, that is, the black hole – the powerful force known to be the end of matter. On the other side of the black hole, happens to be the white hole, or the source of all matter in the galaxy. 

This protocol isn’t about the assemblage point itself, but the core power held in the assemblage point. This power can dissolve anything and create anything. 

This protocol activates this power centre, and helps you to harness this power to empower all areas of your life, consciously. 

Note. This is a powerful tool that you work with. It’s not something you just passively play. 

So what can this be used for? 

If you want help in creating wealth, or building assets, you use this file. 

If you want to attain a new position in life, as in, gain a new position / job, etc, then you use this file. 

If you want to help heal a difficult illness, you use this file. 

If you want to attract love into your life, or wish to restore / rebuild an existing relationship, you use this file. 

If you want to resolve a family issue, you use this file. 

If you want to dissolve resistance to anything, you use this file. 

If you want to attract something specific into your life, you use this file. 

If you seek spiritual guidance of any kind, you use this file. 

If you’re dealing with mental stress, you use this file. 

If you want to become better in life, you use this file. 

In short, this file can be used for any area of human life. 

So how do you use it?

Initially, you should plan to use this file twice daily, for at least 21 days (a full mandala of 40 days is ideal). This will not only activate the power in your assemblage point, but will also release this power to be absorbed into all of the cells of your body. 

Play it once or twice in the morning, then again once or twice in the evening. Best times would be when your mind is still and not consumed by the everyday hassles of life. 

After this initial period, you can choose to continue using the file daily, or use it only when you have a specific issue you need it for. 

Naturally, it is a good idea to continue using it daily, as it will continue to build your personal power. 

This is a power that is achieved through the daily practice of Yoga, which takes months or years to build. So, 40 days initially shouldn’t be too difficult for you. 

When playing this file, close your eyes and shift your focus to the centre of your chest. Hold your focus there. This is where the entire galaxy is hidden away, within you. 

If you can, imagine or visualise a miniature galaxy spinning at this point. 

Whilst maintaining focus at the centre of your chest, think about that which you want to manifest, or consider the situation you want help with. Think about it from two points in time. The first being the now, as things stand. Then, think about when your desire has come to pass. 

If the issue is a dispute, first think about the dispute itself, then imagine the cause of the dispute having dissolved and the outcome you seek achieved. 

Just as matter flows through and is destroyed in a black hole, only to be recreated on the other side coming out of the white hole, so too will your situation transmute from what it is, to what you desire, through the power of this energy. 

This can be an extremely powerful tool if you respect it and use it with some patience. 

Please don’t expect it to resolve all of your life’s problems in a day or so. Let the power build, then put in the necessary effort of meditating with the file daily. 

This is not an intense external energy that is felt. You may feel it around your third eye, crown chakra or the centre of your chest. Let the power emerge from within you.

Please do not use this file with headphones. Use speakers instead. Sit in front of the speakers, close your eyes and shift your focus to your assemblage point. 

When sitting, either in a lotus position, or a comfortable chair, make sure your back remains straight. 

It is also advised to focus on one thing at a time. Manifestation happens quicker this way. 

The advanced version takes the possibilities to a new level. Besides increasing the potency and intelligence of the field of energy by about 500%, the advanced version increases your attraction capabilities to attract specific situations, people, even when seeking benefit from person(s) or organisations. With continued use, your attraction powers will substantially increase. 

When power and potency build, it becomes easier to entice situations to work out in your favour. 

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