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Spiritual Techniques

Release ALL Inner Fear to Taking Action In Life

Besides Karma and planetary influences, the greatest culprit to our failure to succeed in life, is the inner fear that prevents us from taking action at the right time. 

I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t harbour regrets in their lives, as a result of inaction.

The good news is that we have a solution to this problem. 

This energy protocol is designed to reach deep inside you, find, separate, and remove the vibration of the fear that resides within you. 

The fear can result from a combination of past experiences, inherited belief systems – from your lineage and also past lives, your environment, taught / learned behaviour, trauma, illnesses, age, hormonal imbalance, etc.

This list can be endless. 

This type of fear exists separately to that normally found in the subconscious mind. This kind primarily exits in the heart centre. 

It is what prevents you from stepping up, speaking up, and taking action at critical moments in your life. 

This kind of fear is almost always felt in the heart centre, which makes it vastly different from the gut feel, or the mental (subconscious) level block. 

Physically, you may feel this at the front and rear of the heart chakra. The feeling is either a heaviness or a build up of pressure, that forces a person to immediately stop and seek out reasons to not move forward. 

It can also be mistaken for a panic or anxiety attack. 

Simply clearing the heart chakra does not clear out this fear, as over time, this can pile up and build many layers, becoming almost a natural part of your life. 

In my experience, this can be the single most destructive force in a persons life. 

This protocol is built on two levels. 

The surface level clearing – Youtube version

This will go into the heart centre and your overall vibration, and remove all fear programs. This should be enough for most people. 

Listen to this file 2 – 3 times a day. 

The Advanced Version – multi-layered clearing

This continues to perform a clearing on all of the chain of layers it finds. This version has been built to be an energy detective, to probe absolutely everything it finds, and to eradicate all fear programs that exist in your vibration.

This version will also go into your lineage and past lives to clear out anything you’ve brought into this life or inherited from your lineage. 

Both versions are highly intuitive, so if you have anything specific you need dealt with, verbally state it. 

For example, for many first time traders, executing trades can be a fearsome task. When playing this file, speak to the energies and ask it to remove the fear that prevents you from taking the right trades at the right time. 

This protocol does not remove any inbuilt protection mechanisms that you have, nor does it remove anything that you have consciously programmed into yourself. 

Some of you may experience detox like symptoms, so please increase your intake of water around the times you’re listening to this file. 

Headphones are not required for either versions.

The advanced version is available for immediate download in our site store.

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