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Spiritual Techniques

Awaken Astral Senses

Astral senses are that which allow us to experience existence beyond the physical plane. 

Awakened astral senses allow us to perceive the unseen with heightened intuition, be able to lucid dream and astral travel more easily, experience the various astral and spiritual planes, and more. 

Most importantly, awakened astral senses allow a true spiritual seeker, access to awareness of the supreme truth, through higher experiences, beyond the physical. 

This process takes Yogis many years to achieve. 

This protocol utilises three energy fields that target the third eye and astral / energy bodies. It will help awaken the third eye and energy bodies, as well as, help shift consciousness from your physical body, into your energy bodies. 

The protocol will target all four quadrants of your third eye, enhancing the four major Clair senses, as well as, all of the minor Clair senses. 

This process will be governed by your Soul. 

Not everyone is ready to perceive everything beyond the physical, hence the Soul will determine how quickly the universe awakens to your senses. 

The use of this protocol is fairly simple. Meditate regularly, with the file playing through speakers, 1 – 3 times per session. Playing the file once, twice a day is more than enough. 

Again, please don’t force the process, as perceiving something the body or mind isn’t ready for can be a shock to the system. Let the Soul guide you. 

For those that have been meditating for awhile, we have an advanced version, which maximises the potency and intelligence of the three energy fields. Energy testing reveals the advanced version to be about 900% in potency of the Youtube version. 

Our astral senses are like any other skill. They need to be cultivated. So, it’s important not to just listen to this file alone. Engage in meditations that challenge the third eye, like candle or black square meditations, active visualisations, utilise astral travel techniques, Kriya Pranayama, or even microcosmic orbits focusing on the third eye region.

It is also helpful practising shifting your consciousness from one place to another. For someone new to the concept, start by shifting your consciousness to different parts of your body, by shifting thought from one place to another. 

For example, think of your right knee. Notice how the knee feels. Then, mentally shift to thinking about the left knee. How does that feel? Now, move your thought to your right ear, now to the right foot. Each time, stop to focus on how that body part feels, without touching it with your hands. 

The key is to slow your mind down. Spend a few minutes slowing your breath. Then, have fun with the process. 

When you’re ready, begin practicing with distances. Sit in one room of the house, close your eyes, then project your thoughts to another part of your home. Imagine you standing or sitting somewhere else in the house. 

The idea is to push the body and mind to begin using your astral senses, because the physical senses aren’t up to the task.

Lastly, slow down the intake of excessive energies, by moving away from all of the drama of this world. This includes social media, as awakening your astral senses, opens you up to all energies around you. Make sure you develop a habit of shielding yourself daily. You can utilise our 21 or 108 shields protocol. 

Happy journeys into the spiritual unknown!

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