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Vibration of the Material Universe – Om Mantra Energised 108x

A little background

There are three releases happening today. Here is a little background.

This story begins on the 11 of March, 2021, on the eve of Maha Shivratri night. 

As often as I can, I find excuses to spend some time with a Vedic Priest, who also happens to be a consultant in our group here at Spirituality Zone. 

This man is a rare individual, a storehouse of spiritual knowledge, and someone who has been actively engaged in spiritual practices now for over 7 decades. 

He is a man who speaks little. And when he does speak, he does so softly, with a piercing like effect, often feeling like he is speaking to an aspect of yourself, which is beyond your consciousness. 

He was born into a priestly clan, known as ‘Gurukals’. This clan’s main role is to become Vedic Priests. 

I have met a number of such priests during my travels, however, none like this one. And so, I find myself eternally thankful and privileged to be able to converse / consult with, and to learn from him regularly. 

On the night of Maha Shivrati, I requested an opportunity to spend some time with him, where we could work on a few pieces that I could share with the Spirituality Zone community. 

For those of you unaware, Maha Shivrati, is a night in which planetary alignments happen, which facilitate the flow of some of the most potent energies that can be experienced by us in human form. On this night, man can achieve profound leaps in spiritual growth. 

It is on this night, that the Gurukal, without fail, embarks on a 12 – 16 hour spiritual journey, within. 

In this time, he vibrates mantras like ‘Om’ – the vibratory basis of the physical universe, the powerful mantra ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’ – vibratory force of the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh, amongst many others

Some of you may be familiar with these mantras, however, I can assure you, the vibrational perfection achieved when someone of his calibre, vibrates each mantra from the depths of his core, is vastly different from you or I doing the same thing. 

So, the three releases you’re getting today, are the exact vibrational match of the vibratory output of the Gurukal chanting / vibrating, each mantra, achieved on the night of Maha Shivratri. 

I am hoping that, through the use of these files, you get to experience some of the unforgettable experiences I had on that night. 

What does this mean in simple English? 

It means, I sought out the energy signature of the vibrational output created, when the Vedic Priest vibrated a block of 108x or 1008x off the three mantras. 

Note. We’re releasing two that are mantra vibrations energised, and one that is the energy signature of an experience, as a result of the vibrations established from the Vedic Priest vibrating a mantra. 

Vibration of the Material Universe – Om Mantra Energised 108x

At the very beginning of the material creation, there was the ‘word’. All major religions speak of this word. 

Let me go one step further. Prior to the word was a vibration or vibratory light, from which all matter emerged. 

This vibration is known as ‘Om’. 

Even today, the basis of the material world, is the vibration of ‘Om’.

And so, I bring you the exact energy signature of the ‘Om’ vibration, as vibrated by our Vedic Priest on Maha Shivrati night. 

He explained to me the difference in potency between chanting Om, and vibrating it, especially on the Maha Shivratri night. 

We even tested this at 9pm on the night of the 11th, and again the next day at 10am. The energy output I observed was vastly different. I am still a little baffled by it. 

Meditating to this file, one can achieve a conscious connection to all matter in the material universe. 

With constant practice, one can experience the divine oneness. 

This file brings you the vibratory output equivalent of the Vedic Priest vibrating 108x of the Om mantra. 

We also have an advanced version, which matches the vibratory output equivalent of the Vedic Priest vibrating the Om mantra 1008x. 

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