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Spiritual Techniques

A Rapid Shot of Life Force in 90 Seconds (Mp3)

This is a simple protocol, and a special release for Easter. 

What better way to celebrate Easter, than to resurrect (or increase) life force in ourselves, our food and water, and in our living spaces. 

In 90 seconds, this protocol delivers a massive dose of life force to anyone and anything, in the space where this file is played. 

Here, I am not using an energy field, but a block of activated cosmic energy, much like getting a ‘dose’ of life force. 

Life force, in spiritual terms, is the essence of the divine masculine. The divine feminine is matter, and the divine masculine brings the matter to life. 

Note. Before anyone asks…this won’t make you more of a man, or won’t transform a woman into a man. 

Use this file to infuse life force into food, water, or anything else that you like, including plant life. 

It will also increase the life force flowing through every cell of your body. It’s perfect for a quick pick me up at work, or when you’re around other humans who drain your energy. 

I’ll be interested to discover what other ideas you can come up with for its use. 

Listening once is enough, however, you may play it a few times if you really like the music. Please DO NOT LOOP these files. It won’t serve your purpose. 

We do have an advanced version that delivers a bigger block of energy, with its power and consciousness extended to as far as I could take it. 

Note. Increase in consciousness and power isn’t the same as increasing raw energy. 

I highly recommend charging water with this file, before you drink it. 

If you do purchase the advanced version, speak to the water, asking it for what you desire, before you drink it, as that version will push the consciousness of the water as far as it can within the 90 second time frame. 

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