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Healing Frequencies

Androstenol Energy Field

This protocol is the natural energy field of the powerful pheromone known as androstenol. 

This field is completely natural and not tampered with in any way. 

The Youtube version is equivalent to a mild dose.

The advanced version is the maximum intensity and intelligence of the energy field, measured at about 680%, in energy testing. 

The advanced field allows you to control the levels of androstenol needed for the sort of result you’re seeking. 

This file is best played using speakers. 

Close your eyes and visualise the energy absorbing into your body. As this happens, visualise your body beginning to glow a deep red colour. 

If you cannot visualise this, imagine your entire vibration becoming more attractive to others. 

Listen to both versions 1 – 3 times per day, or when needed. 

Please note, that this field is one that will interact with your aura. If you need to clear this energy out, take a salt shower, or play the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ file, and ask the energies to flush out your aura of this specific vibration. 

I would also recommend using the 21 or 108 shields file before you use this file, to ensure your aura is flushed, and that you’re protected from unwanted energies of the fruit loops you may attract. 

Please do not misuse this file. Take it easy. 

Advanced version is available in our online store. 

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