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Spiritual Practice For Money
Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual Practice For Money: Shubh Labh – A Step By Step Guide

The intensity of our vibration is what determines the speed at which we manifest our desire. This ‘Shubh Labh’ technique is a simple spiritual practice for money, yet, powerful enough to connect you to the core abundance vibration of the Earth, dramatically increasing the intensity of your vibration, and your ability to manifest money.

Benefits of the Shubh Labh Spiritual Practice:

Successful application of this Shubh Labh practice will magnetise your vibration for abundance, particularly money, on a level equivalent to that of the Earth. 

Regular practice, combined with the meditation in step six, will transform you into a powerful manifesting force. 

What you will need?

This practice requires about 10 minutes of your time, a quiet space, preferably out in nature, and somewhat of an ability to visualise. 

Your visualisations do not need to be vivid, just enough to backup your intent. 

If you are able to daydream, you’ll easily be able to perform this technique. 

Shubh Labh 5 Step Procedure For Money:

Spiritual Practice For Money 5 Step Process

Step One: 

Find your quiet space where you will be able to stand barefoot on the ground for about 10 minutes. 

If you can be outside, standing on grass will help greatly. 

If this is not possible, stand bare feet outside, or worst case scenario, in your home with the window open. 

Step Two: 

Spiritual Practice For Money - Step Two

Nature is a powerful force, which has immediate psychological implications. 

Spend a few minutes communing with nature. This will help clear the mind for the technique you’re about to perform. 

Look at the trees sway in the wind.

Look at the leaves bask in the sunlight. 

Feel the wind against your skin. 

If you have any old trees in your backyard or close by, connect with its energy through touch for a few minutes. 

If you’re indoors, close your eyes and visualise your favourite nature spot. This could be in a park or by the ocean. 

Mine is standing atop the sandstone hill at Maroubra Beach, looking over the massive expanse that is the Pacific Ocean. 

Now shift your focus to your breathing. 

Inhale for a count of six, hold for a count of four, then exhale for a count of six. 

Keep doing this for as long as it takes you to relax your body. 

Note. When engaging in spiritual practices, always inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. 

Step Three

Spiritual Practice For Money

When you’re ready, stand up, with your feet shoulder length apart, arms by your side, and eyes closed. 

Now, imagine yourself separate from the body and rise about ten meters into the air.

Imagine yourself looking down at your body and its surrounds. 

You can have a lot of fun with this. You do not have to recreate the images exactly as it is. You can envision anything you like.

With each breath, imagine yourself floating higher and higher up, until you’re out in space looking down at the blue globe we call home. 

Look around, notice the Moon, the Sun and other planets at a distance. 

Now, look back down at the Earth, and recognise it as a massive ball of living energy. 

Mentally communicate with the Earth, asking it to become one with your vibration. Say it in your own words, in any language your like.

Something like:

“Dear Mother Earth, I ask of you to bless me by becoming one with my vibration.”

When done, imagine yourself back in your body. 

Step Four

In this step, you will be growing and anchoring your energy deep into the Earth. 

When ready, imagine that you have roots growing from the sole of your feet, downwards into the ground, deep into the Earth, anchoring you in it’s centre. 

Continue focusing on your roots digging into the ground until you feel a calmness and deep relaxation come over you. 

Now, you’ve become one with the Earth, it’s time to raise Shubh Labh. 

Step Five

Spiritual Practice For Money - Shubh Labh

‘Shubh Labh’ is the abundance vibrations of the Earth, and in this step, we’re going to raise Shubh Labh from the centre of the Earth and combine it with your vibration. 

Imagine a deep emerald green energy, in the centre of the Earth, in its core, circulating clockwise. This is the Shubh Labh energy. 

Now, recite the following:

“My Intent is to raise Shubh Labh from the core of Mother Earth, up through the soles of my feet, into my body, and outwardly through my aura, right now, and so it is”

Imagine, the deep emerald green energy rising up the roots you previously envisioned in step four. 

Watch it absorb into the roots and rapidly rise up until it reaches the sole of your feet. 

Now imagine the energy penetrate into the soles of your feet, rise up your legs, merge into your hips, then into your torso, all the way up to the top of your head. 

Let this green energy absorb into every cell of your body, into every cell of your brain, and into all of your 88,000 chakras and 72,000 meridians. 

Then, imagine it expanding outwardly, soaking into your aura, until your aura turns a deep radiant green colour. 

Keep feeding the imagery with the radiance of the deep emerald green colour until all you see is just a vibrant green ball of light. 

Hold this visual for as long as you can. 

When ready, take a deep breath, and open your eyes. 

Congratulations, your vibration is now one with the abundance vibration of Mother Earth. 

Step Six: Daily Meditation Method For Money

Spiritual Practice For Money: Meditation Practice

Once you’ve successfully raised Shubh Labh, you’re ready to practice a simple meditation technique.

One can practice this mediation daily. It only requires a few minutes of your time. 

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting at the center of the galaxy. 

Imagine the entire galaxy, and the billions of solar systems contained within, rotating around you clockwise. 

Just as the black hole, at the center of all galaxies, draws in all matter with an unrivaled force, so to does your magnetic pull, draw in all material abundance in the galaxy towards you. 

Now imagine, in place of all the stars in the galaxy,  you see vast amounts of money – trillions of dollars, euros, pounds, circulating around you. 

As the money (currency) approaches you, it turns into energy – a deep golden light, and absorbs into you. 

Hold this visual for a few minutes, then take a deep breath, and when ready, open your eyes. 

You can now go about your day as you wish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Spirituality Zone Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I perform the Shubh Labh technique? 

The Shubh Labh technique has a compounding effect. So, best practice is to perform all five steps of the procedure, at least once a week. 

How often should I perform the meditation technique in step six?

This meditation should be performed daily. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and can be performed anywhere. 

When is the best time of day to practice the Shubh Labh technique?

This technique is applied best when your mind is empty and at rest, so the best time will be the mornings, as the Sun is rising. 

When is the best time to practice the meditation technique in step six?

Right before we fall of to sleep. This is when your body is at rest, and the subconscious mind is ready to take over all operations. This meditation will feed this image straight into the subconscious mind to action, as you sleep. 


In conclusion, this simple 5 step technique, combines the abundance vibration of the Earth, with your vibration, to dramatically enhance your magnetic attraction powers many billions of times more than what you would be capable of on your own.

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