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Healing Frequencies

Become A Money Magnet: Powerful 2-Phase Program (Energy/Morphic Field, Subliminal, Frequencies)

Releasing our Powerful 2-Phase Wealth Program

This is possibly the most powerful wealth energy program I have ever created. 

This 2-Phase advanced program takes into account all of the reasons why subliminal and energy files don’t work for everyone. 

It’s not possible to manifest a new reality, without first removing the limitations that caused you to manifest your present reality. 

Manifestation happens when our vibration perfectly matches with the vibration of our desire. Most subliminals or energy files don’t take into account the state at which our own vibration exists, or the influences upon it. 

If an experience is not intended to be a part of our expected life experiences or destiny, then the planetary energies will block the manifestation of our desire, by directly influencing our vibration. 

This is why some people are able to manifest so easily without much effort, and others, even with tremendous effort, are unable to achieve that which they desire. 

This program has been specifically created to counter the negative influences of these planets, enhance the positives, utilise the natural powers of the subconscious mind, perform an in-depth clearing of your energies on a multi-dimensional level, and powerfully magnetise your vibration for tremendous wealth using 11 energy fields and a ‘multi-millionaire’ morphic field.

This program consists of two phases. 

Phase 1 – The Clearing

Spirituality Zone - Powerful Wealth Program - Phase 1 (The Clearing)

The clearing phase, utilises multiple energy fields, frequencies, afformations, and energy clearing programs. 

The first phase is designed to remove the root cause(s) of your failure to manifest wealth. 

The energy program will find everything that creates resistance and remove it.

Phase 1 targets:

Subconscious Programs

The Subconscious programs that run in the background 24/7.

Any program that places a limit on the amount, manner in which, and establishes restrictive time frames on wealth accumulation, is removed. 

Inherited and Projected Subconscious Programs

Any subconscious program that has been specifically projected upon you by family, friends, mentors, teachers, societal norms, etc, and, any program that has been inherited by you through the DNA, is filtered and removed. 

Belief Systems

All belief systems that are in play, in particular, that which has to do with wealth. 

These include: beliefs that you’re not worthy of wealth, one has to work very hard for wealth, It’s not possible to be wealthy, one needs to be highly qualified to be become wealthy, becoming wealthy requires great effort, etc.

These limited belief systems are removed and replaced with beliefs that you are worthy of wealth, luxury, and happiness, worthy of living well, it is possible to create tremendous wealth with little effort, etc. 

The Wernicke

The Wernicke, located on the temporal lobe of the brain, is an area normally associated with the production of speech and language development.

The Wernicke also stores programs that determine the manner in which we respond to external stimuli.

Why is this important?

Studies have discovered that our subconscious formulates our responses up to 10 seconds prior to our conscious awareness.

This response, is known to come from the programs running in the Wernicke.

Once we clear these programs that infringe on our free will, we can replace them with programs that work in our favour. 

Attachments, thought forms, entities and energy implants

Any and all attachments, thought forms, energy implants, entities that are attached to you or your subtle bodies are removed.

This is a complete clearing, which normally takes a great deal of time and costs hundreds of dollars.

If someone thinks something negative or limiting about you, the energy has the potential to cling onto you for an indefinite period of time.

Gradually, this can result in causing all sorts of troubles in your life. From illnesses, to disrupting relationships, causing family disputes, causing troubles with work and money, to blocking the manifestation of your desires. 

It is necessary to perform this clearing on a regular basis.

Pain Body

Everyone has a pain body.

It is an energy body that absorbs emotional trauma we’ve suffered throughout our lives.

Each time we suffer from betrayal, heartbreak, illness, failure, etc, our pain body stores these emotions, which eventually overtake our lives, continuously re-manifesting failure.

Ever meet a person that seems to find solace in their own suffering?

This by itself, can become the single biggest block a person has to a successful, wealthy, happy life.

The pain body is cleared out each time you listen to this file. 

Prarabdha Karma

The study of Astrology reveals that we are at the mercy of the planets, which influence every facet of our lives, based entirely on the karmic consequences of our past life actions.

This is known as destiny in the western world.

It is the planetary influences that determines the manner, and the time frame in which our destiny unravels.

This file works to not only remove the negative planetary influences, but also works to transform all of the planets into benefics that begin to work in your favour. 

Burns off unnecessary Karma and Samskaras

Lastly, each time you play this file, a yogic pose is achieved by energetically connecting the chakras at the tip of your big toes with the chakras on the earlobes of the opposite side.

During the five minute session, a full cycle (a full movement of the Earth around the Sun) worth of karma and unfulfilled desire is burnt off.

It takes years, even decades for yoga practitioners to be able to achieve this ability. You’ll be able to do this by passively listening to this file. 

Phase 1 Instructions of Use

This ‘Phase 1’ file should be listened to passively, at least once or twice daily, for between 9 – 21 days, prior to beginning the use of the ‘Phase 2 – Wealth file’. 

This step is extremely important, and one that all other wealth files available online today completely ignore.

You cannot re-build a house, without first removing the old structure and foundation.

After the 21 day period, I would highly recommend that you continue to listen to the ‘Phase 1’ file daily. It will have a compounding effect, as well as, remove a years worth of karma each listen. 

In Kriya Yoga traditions, it is believed that once a person evolves through a million human years of karma, they reach profound levels of spiritual awareness, on par with the great spiritual masters of the major world religions. 

Phase 2 – The Wealth Program

This proprietary formulation contains:

1. Eleven (11) energy fields

The energy fields re-engineer your vibration for all aspects of wealth.

2. A Morphic field (Morphic fields are fields of information) of being a multi-millionaire

A morphic field is a field of information.

The morphic field in this program is the operating system that runs this energy program.

It is the driving force behind your transformation to being wealthy, successful and happy in your new present reality.

3. Planetary Energies  

Planetary influences decide the experiences that we will have in our lives. They have the potential of blocking all of our desires.

This program works to transform the planetary influences into benefic ones that work in our favour to deliver the wealth we desire.

  • Sun and Moon are made benefic and enhanced for effect and to stabilize and strengthen the mind.
  • Jupiter is made benefic and enhanced for wealth. 
  • Saturn is made benefic and enhanced for wealth. 
  • North Node of the Moon is made benefic and enhanced for wealth. 
  • Mars is made benefic and enhanced for confidence and the ability to take action at the right time. 
  • Venus, the planet that is responsible for luxury and love in our lives is made benefic and enhanced for tremendous wealth, love and and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life. 

4. Affirmations and Afformations in the first and second person format 

  The affirmations target ‘I am’ statements –

For example, ‘I am so happy and grateful now that I…’ and ‘I am one with the vibration of wealth’.

And, afformations like:

‘How am I able to so easily and quickly generate wealth?’ and ‘Why is wealthy creation so easy for me?’

This program has over 300 active statements and afformations. Each one has been energy tested to ensure they do not trigger points of resistance.

5. An energy program that burns up any resistance and forces manifestation to happen 

The energy program runs autonomously for 12 hours from the moment you begin listening to the Phase 2 File.

In that 12 hour time frame, all resistance that you have to your desires, are burnt off, then, an energy field begins to amplify the energy of your desires.

6. A formulation of frequencies for wealth, miracles, transformations, and rapid change

We utilise a combination of 7 frequencies that work directly with your vibration to amplify the effect of the energy programs.

No headphones are required to benefit from these frequencies.

Phase 2 Instructions of Use

This ‘Phase 2’ file should be passively listened to, at least once a day. 

I have mine playing on low volume in the background whilst I work.

It has been formulated so that one can listen without headphones. You may loop this on low volume as you sleep.

The energies begin to work immediately, however, results should become significant between the 3 month to 1 year mark.

Effects of Using the Wealth Program

Phase 2 will rebuild your entire vibration from the cellular level up.

It will transform every aspect of you that is related to wealth creation and manifestation, including:

  • The way you think.
  • Your subconscious programs.
  • Your behaviour and feelings towards wealth.
  • The manner in which your mind works towards wealth.
  • The manner in which the universe responds to manifesting wealth in your life.
  • And the wealth vibration of every cell in your body.

This phase 2 program will magnetise you for tremendous wealth, bringing to you wealth generating opportunities, including:

  • Promotions.
  • Recognition for your talents and abilities.
  • And being headhunted for higher paying positions if you work for someone. 

And, if you’re in your own business, this program will:

  • Will drive customers.
  • Boost sales, and bigger and better opportunities your way. 
  • Drive innovation.
  • Generate Ideas

Your motivation levels will skyrocket.

You may find people coming out of nowhere to give you knowledge, provide help and advice on wealth creation opportunities. 

You may find yourself seeing the world differently and are able to easily recognise opportunities that circumstances present. 

You will find that generating wealth becomes easier for you.

In short, expect major transformations.  

The aim behind this formulation is to become the complete package that transforms you into a wealth generation machine. 

It takes into account every possible reason for failure.

All that is required is for you to passively listen.

For each person, the results will present themselves at different times and in different ways.

Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a program to transform you, your vibration and your life into that of an extremely successful and happy person, who is living the life of their dreams. 

I recommend listening to both Phase 1 and Phase 2 files daily for a minimum of 1 Earth cycle – 1 year. By then, you would be completely transformed your life.

What do I need to do, besides listening to this wealth program? 

  • Establish goals, both monetary, and life related. The energies of this file will do the rest for you. 
  • Research and ACT upon the opportunities that come your way. 
  • Spend a few minutes, either during or after listening to the Phase 2 file, visualising the wealth you desire.
  • Eat healthier, inclusive of not consuming water for at least an hour after meals. This enhances digestion, as well as, frees up your energy to make the necessary changes to your vibration that this file will enact. 
  • Engaging in an exercise routine that gets the heart pumping for at least 10 minutes daily. This will shake up all stagnant energy. 
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water daily
  • Make an effort to listen to both files daily! 

How do I get the advance program?

The advance 2-Phase program is available for purchase for $69. You will be able to download and begin using it immediately.

Listen to the Phase 1 file for between 9 – 21 days before you begin to use the Phase 2 file.

You can make purchase from our store here.

After purchase, your download link will expire in 5 days. If you need to download the file after the five day period, please email us.

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