Motivation: Eradicate Laziness & Procrastination, and fuel MOTIVATION instantly! (MP3 Included)

“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.”

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Motivation: What is it?

Motivation is the driver behind all of our ‘actions’ in our day to day lives. It is what converts knowledge, wishes and desires into a recognisable actionable pathway, that leads to a end result. 

The sole purpose of our human existence is to realise that we are Source, experiencing itself. 

If this is so, then how do we find ourselves to be so limited in our capacity, and in our achievements? 

The answer is that we are not limited. Only our awareness is. 

Every person can achieve anything they desire to achieve. The only thing that is missing, is the right, or adequate, MOTIVATION. 

This is what this file aims to deliver. 

Spirituality Zone ‘Eradicate Laziness to Fuel Motivation’ MP3

This file has been built with a two pronged approach in mind. 

The first is to eradicate the causes of laziness and procrastination in our lives.

The second is to replicate the energy signature of motivation, so that our physiology responds with the same chemical release in the body, as if you were pumped and passionate about taking action naturally. 

This file will help you feeling motivated. It will help shake up the energies that keep you down and lazy. It will clear up your mind. It will give you the opportunity to get up and move. 

As always, this file has been built potent, with the intent of getting you up and moving towards your goals at rapid speed. 

This is purely an energy file, with the energies built into the file format, so that the energies will continue to flow, even if you played this file on mute, which will come in handy if you need a quick push without anyone knowing you’re fuelling (energising) yourself.

Eradicate Laziness to Fuel Motivation (Advanced Version)

The advanced version delivers 400% more potency, and is available for immediate download in our site store. 

The same usage rules apply. If you find the energy strong, then cut back to using the file only once at a time. 

With both files, please increase your water intake. It will help unregulated the energies into  the cells of your body, as well as, clear out the toxins being released. 

Simple ‘Tip’ in using the ‘Laziness to Motivation’ MP3

The best way to use this file is first to think about the goals you want to achieve. Write them down if possible. 

Then, listen to this file whilst thinking about those goals. 

Mentally map the steps you need to take to fulfil your goals. 

If your goal is to lose weight. Then, whilst listening to this file, think about how amazing you will look if you lost those 5 or 10kgs. 

Then, think about how you could go about it. This may include doing some bodyweight exercises, and eating less carbs, to also listening to the soon to be released Spirituality Zone Weight Loss file. 

Then, as the music is playing, take action. Without much thought, perform 10 bodyweight squats, or something similar. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Listen to this file, and take your first step! 

Whatever your goal is, think of the first step you need to take towards the completion of. Your goal, at this very moment, then TAKE IT! 

Do this each time you listen to this file, and you will quickly find that you’re moving must faster towards the realisation of your goals. 

Frequency Asked Questions:

Do I need to use headphones?

No, headphones are not required for any of my files. You can listen with or without, and can now also play this file on mute, if you want a silent version. 

The quality of speakers are also not important, as the music is just entertainment. The energy will flow regardless. 

How many times should I listen?

This file has been built potent, so, please listen to this file a maximum of 2 times only, at a time. This means that you can listen in the morning twice, and if you would like to listen again later, you can do so, again, listening on twice maximum.

The reason for this is to not overload your system with too much energy. I build my files so that listening just once is equivalent to listening to most other files available on Youtube 10 – 20 times. 

Do not listen at night, as this may keep you awake. 

Do not loop this file, or open multiple browsers to stack the energy. You will be overloaded with energy. 

Please visit the store to purchase the ‘Advanced Version’.

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