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12 Mantras To Change Your Life
Spiritual Techniques

12 Powerful Mantras That Will Change Your Life!

The 12 mantras below are tremendously powerful and easy to use, and when applied to your daily activities, they have the potential to affect great changes in your life. 

What is a Mantra?

A ‘MANTRA’ according to sanskrit and traditional definitions, is an utterance, a word, a syllable, a group of words, or a sound, that is repeated frequently, which is believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. 

From 30 years of research and experience with some pretty powerful and accomplished Gurus, I would go further to say that combinations of words and sounds evoke various frequencies and energies, which cause effect to our vibration and the vibration of the environment around us. 

I would go further and establish that any word, combined with some degree of emotions and feelings, has the potential to rival even the most powerful of mantras and incantations. 

The mantras, and methodologies of use I am about share below, are those that have brought great personal change into my life. 

There are many more, however, the ones I am sharing, are the cream  of the crop that will bring enormous change to your life.

1) Affirmations as Mantras, in our everyday language

Before we jump into more potent vedic and buddhist mantras, I’d like to bring to your attention everyday words we use, that can bring immediate change to your life, if we use them in certain ways. 

Just as Sanskrit mantras evoke energies and responses, so do the everyday words we use. Each time we speak or think of a word or sound, our subconscious mind collects a tremendous amount of data from a combination of our surroundings, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and reactions from our external environment, which it then uses to establish a perspective, that becomes a resource point for all future moments. 

So, everytime you speak, think or hear the word again, your subconscious mind recalls the original resource point, which becomes the basis for however your vibration responds to this catalyst.  

In 2008, Neuroscience researchers Chun Siong Soon, Marcel Brass, Hans-Jochen Heinze, and John-Dylan Haynes, in their research of unconscious determinants of free decision in the human brain, found, and I quote:

“We found that the outcome of a decision can be encoded in brain activity of prefrontal and parietal cortex up to 10 seconds before it enters awareness. This delay presumably reflects the operation of a network of high-level control areas that begin to prepare an upcoming decision long before it enters awareness.”

Citation: Soon, C., Brass, M., Heinze, H. et al. Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain. Nat Neurosci 11, 543–545 (2008) doi:10.1038/nn.2112

So, research supports this notion that our reactions are pre-determined up to 10 seconds prior to our consciousness coming into awareness. This would mean that our subconscious mind, filters through its own database, establishes a perspective, decides a response moments before we even come into awareness of it. 

This is precisely the reason why most people are unable to bring lasting change into their lives, as their subconscious mind runs a large portion of their lives on auto-pilot. 

There is good news however! All is not lost. 

By consciously modifying our speech and thoughts, we can cause a change in the programs running in our subconscious mind, which then brings about changes to our automated subconscious determined reactions. 

This is essentially how athletes, martial artists, sports people, even musicians, and the rest of us, establish perfection, by engaging in repetitive activity, that programs our subconscious mind. 

For us mere mortals, the first step should be in removing or restricting the use of words that have any negative connotations to them. This will remove any automated negative responses from the subconscious mind. 

For Example, in 2010, I read an article where the author experimented with making very slight changes in how he verbally interacted with people. It involved taking three everyday interactions and changing the way he responded to them. 

These three interactions were:

The first was saying ‘Good Morning’ to all the regular people he crossed paths with. 

Second, when being asked the question ‘how are you?’, instead of responding with a ‘not bad’, change that to a ‘I’m very well, thank you’. 

And third, adding positive ‘I Am’ statements to affirm to yourself the person you want to aspire to be or continue to be. 

The author had noticed some tremendous changes in his life almost immediately. 

So, I decided to try out a little experiment to do the same thing.

The first thing I did was say ‘good morning’ to all the regulars that crossed my path every morning, starting with family.

I even made sure that I acknowledged and said ‘good morning’ to people that I knew existed around me, but never really conversed with before. 

These included the coffee guy in the cafe in our office lobby, security guards, cleaners, and even some of the annoying people in the office that everyone usually tries to avoid. 

Within a week, I found a tremendous change had taken place. I had gone from hating waking up in the mornings, to sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, to actually looking forward to the 16 hour day, countless meetings, etc, that I had lined up for the day.

Life felt lighter, brighter, and more liveable. 

I figured, just saying ‘good morning’ reaffirmed for my subconscious mind that I prefer my mornings to be good. 

Also, by acknowledging people around me, I was able to create a shift in my awareness from the mundane of my job, to the living energy of the people that surrounded me.

Additionally, I also noticed that everyone I acknowledged began to respond more positively, with more warmth, and were more helpful. 

Even the coffee guy began to walk coffees to my office whenever he noticed that I hadn’t been down to grab a cup. Sometimes for free. 

My next minor change was to begin responding with a ‘I’m very well, thank you’, whenever someone asked me the question ‘how are you?’, which in my profession as a Financial Adviser, was at least 30 times a day. 

Previously, I had gotten into the habit of a quick ‘not bad, how are you?’ in response. 

By the afternoon of the very first day where I consciously used ‘I’m very well, thank you’, I noticed that I was so much more positive than I would normally be around that time.

Usually, after numerous client meetings, I’d be run down and exhausted by early afternoon. This time, I was surging with energy without any other apparent change to my life. This has continued ever since!

By now, you’re probably wondering why this worked so quickly? 

You see, the word ‘bad’ held negative connotations. Although, I was saying ‘not bad’, I still felt the vibration of the word ‘bad’ each time I repeated it. 

Each time I said it,  my subconscious mind had firmly accepted that this is what I wanted to experience, because I was constantly re-affirming it, it began to give me exactly that. 

By avoiding the word with the negative connotation, we simply bypassed a negative subconscious reaction, which dissolves any resistance that was being created.

Instead, using positively charged words resulted in more positive experiences. 

Are you starting to see how everyday words work as mantras?

The third thing I started to do was to talk to myself. And to all of us that were told that talking to yourself is the first sign of going mad, well, they lied to us. 

I began to utilise ‘I am’ statements to reaffirm all things good back into my life. These included:

I am amazing!

I am successful at everything I do!

I am loved and adored by everyone! 

I am awesome! 

I am healthy. 

I am unstoppable….and so on. 

I would even scream these statements out in the car, with the music cranked up high whenever I’d drive out for client meetings. 

Lame, I know, but then again, whatever works, right?

The most important thing was that these minor changes to the way I spoke and thought, almost instantly caused major positive changes in my life, completely shifting the trajectory to something I could never have imagined back then. 

Our reality is created by our vibration. And our words, thoughts and feelings directly feed into our vibration. By making changes in any of these, we create change in our vibration, which results in profound changes in our realities. 

How do you utilise this form of self created mantras?

Start off by listing some of the attributes you wish you had, or the life you desire to live. 

Then, re-write those attributes, starting with an ‘I am so happy and grateful, now, that I am….’.

The words ‘happy’ and ‘grateful’ evoke positive emotions associated with happiness, and gratitude. 

Write out half a dozen of these ‘I am’ statements, and verbally recite them, with as much added emotion as possible, and I guarantee you, they will change your life. 

You should aim towards anywhere between 21 to 108 recitations, or, aim for a 10 – 15 minutes session. 

Back these statements up with visions and emotions, and before you know it, changes will present themselves. 

2) Mantra: Om Grim

Mantra for clearing negative energy: Om Grim, evokes the energies of the remover of obstacles, and benefic Jupiter to clear negative energies from our bodies, as well as, our environment. 

Pronounced: ‘Om GrrrEeeeeMmm’

One of the most powerful problem clearing mantras I’ve come across is ‘Om Grim’. 

Grim evokes both the remover of obstacles, Ganesha, and the greatest planetary benefic heavenly body in our birth charts – Jupiter. 

Chanting ‘Om Grim’ clears your path with extreme intensity, and that too, in as little as ten days. 

This clearing includes the most stubborn of issues like entity attachments and black magic. 

When chanted, the energy field of Ganesha will begin to unwind the roadblocks in your path, and Jupiter will begin to remove the karmic blocks as a result of your prarabdha karma, which is the reason for your birth and present predicament in life. 

Prarabdha Karma is the karmic reason for your present birth and experiences. 

Instructions of Use of this mantra:

This very powerful mantra is extremely simple to use.

Vibrate the mantra out aloud for at least 5 seconds each time. Longer if possible. 

It helps to take a deep breath, then as you exhale, vibrate:

‘Om Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem’

Repeat vibrating this mantra ten(10) times a day for ten(10) straight days. It can be chanted at any time of day, in any location.

It would help if you chant this mantra at the same time everyday. If its not possible, not to worry. 

I would suggest that you don’t rush doing this mantra. Take 10 minutes out of your day, sit quietly alone somewhere comfortable, slow down your breathing by taking a few deep slow breaths, then, proceed to vibrate the mantra. 

After having done this 10 times, sit for a few minutes, being in the present moment. 

Let the mantra separate the negative energies from you to be released to the ether. 

The mantra begins working immediately. 

Before we proceed, it’s important that you understand the difference between simply chanting the mantra and vibrating the mantra. 

Chanting is simply saying or thinking the mantra, whereas, vibrating involves chanting from the throat. 

Practice it now. Say ‘Om Grim’, and then shift your focus to your throat, then vibrate the mantra again. 

You’ll notice that whilst your focus is on the throat, the mantra seems to vibrate within that space. 

Final words – If you wish to vibrate this mantra daily, you may do so. You’ll find that your vibration becomes more intense over time. This will help you to manifest your desires more readily. 

3) Mantra: Om Shreeng / Shreem: Om Shreem Shreem

Mantra For Money: Om Shreeng or Om Shreem Shreem, is an immensely powerful and simple mantra for acquiring money. It removes roadblocks to the inflow of money, as well as paving pathways to opportunities that will lead you to attaining greater wealth.


I’m going to be a little controversial. Many of you may be familiar with Dr Pillai’s ‘Shreem Brzee’. 

Please do not chant that mantra, EVER! 

It creates negative vibrations. The energy I see from it is dark and negative. It may provide some limited growth or feeling, however, in the long run, the dark energy will do more harm than good. 

Instead, chant the seed mantra ‘Shreem’ or the more intense higher dimensional mantra, ‘Shreeng’.

Shreem is the bija or seed mantra that evokes the wealth vibrations (energy field) of the Goddess of Wealth – Goddess Lakshmi or Laxmi, in particular Aishwarya Laxmi, one of the eight forms of the Goddess. 

Chanting ‘Om Shreeng’ invokes the energy of the mantra into your own vibration. As you continue to chant, it will overwhelm your vibration and begin the process of attracting wealth into your life. 

The aim here is to achieve the state where ‘like attracts like’.


  • Evokes the blessings and the energy field of Goddess Aishwarya Lakshmi.
  • Opens doors to the flow of wealth, health and happiness for the chanter. 
  • Attunes you to the vibration of wealth.
  • Magnetically draws wealth, and the comforts and opportunities it brings, to you. 

Instructions of use of the mantra:

Similar to the ‘Om Grim’ mantra, VIBRATE ‘Om Shreeeeeeeeeeeeng’  9, 21, or 108 times a day. 

Ensure that each chant is at least six seconds long. 

You may vibrate the mantra for longer, however, it has to be for a minimum of six seconds. 

Why six seconds? 

In my experiments, I’ve found that the energies invoked intensify at the six second mark. The vibration is more important than simply just saying the word. 

Another way to use this powerful mantra is to vibrate the mantra three times into each of your seven main chakras.

I would go further and add two more chakras – the Earth chakra (3 feet into the ground below your feet) and the soul star chakra (12 inches above your physical head). 

Here’s how:

Sit or stand comfortably, and close your eyes. If you can do this outside, amongst nature, it will enhance the results. If you are able to stand barefoot on the earth, even better.

Take a few slow deep breaths. 

Now, shift your focus to a point about 3 feet below where you stand. This is where your Earth chakra resides. 

Take in a deep breath, then, whilst still focusing on the point below your feet, vibrate ‘Om Shreeeeeeeeeeeeng’ three times. Do so as if you are breathing the mantra into the chakra. 

Now, shift your focus to your Root chakra. Breathe in, vibrate out ‘Om Shreeeeeeeng’ three times. 

Shift your focus to the Sacral chakra, repeat process. 

Shift your focus onto the Solar Plexus and repeat the process. 

Shift your focus to the Heart chakra and repeat the process. 

Shift your focus to the Throat chakra and repeat the process. 

Now, shift your focus to the Ajna chakra or third eye. Repeat the process. 

Move your focus to your Crown chakra and repeat the process. 

Now finish off by shifting your focus to a point about 12 inches above your physical head. This is the Soul Star chakra. It’s where you, the soul resides. Breathe in, and vibrate out ‘Om Shreeeeeeeeeeng’ into this space three times. 

Remain in this position for a few minutes longer. Visualise what wealth means to you. This maybe extra money flowing in every week or month, perfect health, or even loving relationships. 

If there is something specific you’re wanting to manifest, visualise already having your desire in your life. 

Hold this visual for as long as you can, then open your eyes and go about your day. 

Repeat this entire process once a day, first thing in the morning, or right before you go to bed.  

Note. You can use almost any bija mantra in this manner, including Kleem and Kroom

4) Mantra: Kuber Mantra for Serious Wealth: Dhham

Pronounced: Dhaaaaaaaarm

Working with Lord Kubera is like building a life long relationship with the best Financial Adviser in the universe. 

Daily or regular use of this mantra will build some serious wealth over time. This is the sort of wealth that stays in the family for generations. 

In other words, you’re building ‘old money’. 

Dhham, is the beej mantra and vibration of the energy field of the divine treasurer – Lord Kubera.

Vibrating this mantra into your chakras, as described above, will lead to the achievement of Lord Kubera, and along with him, massive monetary gain and all forms of wealth, including health, happiness, property, fortune and all round success. 

The energy of this mantra has the potential to permeate into future generations through your DNA. 

Again, vibrating this mantra 108 times daily for a prolonged period will build some serious long term wealth. 

If you want to really compound the energy of this mantra, similar to ‘Om Shreeng’ above, vibrate ‘Om Dhham’ three times into each chakra. 

Did you know? When we’re working with chakras, vibrating ‘OM’, before any mantra, opens up the chakra to receiving the vibratory energy. 

5) Mantra: Om Gyanam Dhyanam Shantam Hari

Pronounced: Om Ghee Ya Num, Dhee Ya Num, Shaan Tum, Hurry.

We achieve in life through the power of attraction. It is the force that brings us everything we desire. 

One can attract absolutely anything with the attraction powers of this mantra, including love.

The energy of the mantra is five phased:


Opens you up to receiving, especially your chakras. When working with this mantra, Om, not only opens up your seven major chakras, you’re also opening up all 88,000 chakras to receiving. 


Means knowledge. One cannot achieve much without knowledge. 

When it comes to knowledge, like attracts like. You will find that a ‘knowing’ presents itself every time a solution is desired. 

You will automatically know how to achieve almost anything. It becomes second nature. 


Means awareness. Awareness of self. Awareness of the moment. Awareness of the mind and body, and their complete workings. By knowing this, you will know the universe. 


Shantam means peace. In the context of the mantra, it attunes one to the stillness of the universe, or the divine. For me, it places me into the space that is the void just prior to creation. In other words, the source of all creation. 

You will find that all of your being, from the mind down to the processes of the body, begins to calm. 

It’s a fantastic state to be in to manifest anything you desire. 


Hari, besides being one of the names of God, the sustainer, and also the controller of Maya or the illusion, Hari also refers to smiling, or being in a state of joy and radiance. 

Just like insects are drawn to light, or bees to honey, people, events and experiences will be drawn to your radiance. 

Just as everything in our galaxy is pulled towards the black hole in the center of the galaxy, you will find that you become a center of power to which all good things begin to gravitate. 

As you chant this mantra, you will begin to notice the behaviours of those around you, and those that you deal with, begin to change to your benefit. 

Events will begin to automatically transpire, which will leave you in awe as to how that which you desire begins to form into your reality, without you having to do much. 

Instructions of Use

Chant this mantra 108 times daily, at your convenience. If it’s not possible for you to do 108 chants or count the number of chants, continue to chant for a set period of time. 5 – 10 minutes is sufficient. 

I tend to mentally chant this mantra anytime I don’t need to be mentally engaged. I.e watching TV, going for a walk, or whilst shopping. 

You will notice changes begin to present themselves almost immediately. 

Download MP3 of Mantra Energy Amplified 1024 times

You can now benefit from this potent attraction force, by simply listening to, or passively playing, this MP3 once or twice a day.

Each time you play this file, you will assimilate the energy equivalent of 1024 iterations of this powerful mantra, into your own energy field.

Download of the MP3 file is free.

Use without headphones for maximum effect.

6) Mantra: Om Narayanaya Swarnaya Hari Om

Powerful Mantra to manifest money (currency): Om Narayanaya Swarnaya Hari Om. This mantra evokes the energy field of the supreme God of Wealth and sustainer of the physical universe, Narayan.

Pronounced: Om Na Ra Yan Aya, Swaar Naya Hurry Om

Lets face it, money and monetary successes help drive the engines of our physical lives. 

This mantra connects you to the energetic field of the divine sustainer, and surrounds you with the deep golden light of abundance. 

Chanting this mantra 108 times daily will cause the rapid flow of wealth into your horizon. 

You will find that money begins to flow from all avenues. 

If you have a business, orders and projects will begin to increase. 

If you work for someone, you may receive better, higher paying offers, or be given a promotion at work. 

Doors will begin to rapidly open. 

Use this mantra to manifest the big ticket items in your life.

You may chant is mantra at anytime, for as long as you wish. Standard practice would be 108 repetitions. 

7) Mantra: Om Satyam Narayanam

Powerful Mantra for Manifestation: Om Satyam Narayanam. This mantra is the most powerful and simple to use for rapid manifestation.

Pronounced: Om Sut Yum, Na Ra Yun Um

If there was ever one manifestation mantra that you should use, it’s this one. 

Satyam refers to truth, and Narayanam refers to the absolute, the ultimate. So together, they evoke the ultimate truth, the creator of all. 

Who or what better to manifest that which we desire, then the source of all existence?

The mantra evokes the energy field of universal consciousness.

This mantra is simple to use. Chant the mantra daily or regularly for 108 times or for 5 – 10 minutes. 

If you can visualise the life you want to live or the object of your desire whilst, or after you chant, this will feed tremendous energy into your desire and bring into manifestation rapidly. 

8) Mantra: Om Sat Om Chit Om Ekam Om Brahma

Powerful Mantra for the removal of karma: Om Sat Om Chit Om Ekam Om Brahma. This mantra removes all negative karma over a period of time, and with it, removes the suffering associated with past life karmas. 

Pronounced: Om Sut, Om Cheet, Om Ek Arm, Om Brahm Ma

Ever wonder why life is the way it is? Why some people have it good in life, and why you work hard and can’t seem to accomplish much of anything? 

The answer is ‘Karma’.

More specially ‘Prarabdha’ karma. It is what astrologers read in your natal charts. 

It is the cause and effect of everything in your lives, inclusive of levels of education, your career and what successes you might have, whether you will move to another country, to your personality and that of your family and significant other, etc.

Our ‘Prarabdha’ karma is a collection of past life karmas that determine the life experiences we have and the lessons that come with them in this lifetime. 

It is not always bad, however, can be devastating depending on the placement of the planets, in the sky, at the exact moment of your birth. 

If this doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry. It took me over a year to make sense of it all. It’s not important that you know how it works. Just know that karma is the cause of our birth, as well as, all of the experiences we have whilst in the human form. 

This mantra works to burn off your karma. It helps to lessen the negative effects of ones prarabdha karma, which would otherwise cause immense pain and suffering. 

Chant this mantra daily or regularly 108 times or for between 5 – 10 minutes. 

Over a period of time, you will begin to notice that the difficulties of life don’t seem to be so significant anymore. 

9) Mantra: Gyang

Mantra for enhanced Intuition: Gyang. Gyang is an immensely powerful mantra to clear, activate and awaken the third eye, and grant the chanter heightened intuition abilities to not only know what has been, what is, but also, what is to be. 

Pronounced: Ge Yaaaaarn G

A simple mantra that rapidly boosts one’s intuition over a period of 40 days. 

The mantra needs to be chanted right before bed. 

If you’re going to lay down, place a pillow under your knees and have no pillow under your head. 

This will keep your spine straight. 

If sitting, ensure that you back is always straight. 

Spend a few minutes relaxing your body. 

Then, close your eyes, shift your focus to a point just above your eyebrows on the center of your forehead, take a deep breath, and vibrate out ‘Gyaaaaaaaaang’ for a duration of 6 seconds. 

Continue vibrating this mantra for between 5 – 10 minutes.

Once done, spend a few minutes in silence, being aware of all of your senses, before you fall off to sleep. 

Continue doing this for 40 straight nights. 

As you begin to approach the 40 day mark, you’ll begin to notice your intuition has significantly heightened. 

The results are permanent. 

10) Mantra: ASMBGShShRKN

Mantra for health, wealth, success, luck, happiness and power: ASMBGShSHRKN


Is the beej mantra for the Navagraha (Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology).

The full mantra is:

“aadityaaya somaaya mangalaaya budhaaya cha |guru shukra shanibhyashcha raahave-ketave namaH ||”

They are the vedic names of the nine planets, including the north and south nodes of the Moon. 

Any student of astrology will tell you that the positions of the planets, within 12 houses (360 degrees of space divided by 12), the zodiacs that occupy those spaces, and the constellations in that direction of the sky, at the exact moment of our birth, is what is solely responsible for our predicament in life. 

Too much information to comprehend? Not to worry. You don’t need to understand it. 

Just be aware that the planets are the major influences of the experiences and lifes lessons we endure throughout our lives. 

By appeasing these planets, we can not only attempt to lessen the negative ramifications of our past life karma, but also activate and enhance the positive experiences that we are destined to have. 

In short, reciting this mantra improves all areas of our lives, including health, wealth, and relationships. 

You will find it easier to manifest your goals. 

The best way to utilise this mantra is to vibrate the beej form, out aloud, just nine (9) times. 

You can continue to chant it for a total of 108 times if you desire. 

You can chant this mantra anytime, anywhere.

11) Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

Mantra to remove pain and suffering in human life: Om Mani Padme Hum.

Pronounced: Om Ma-Nee Paad-May Hum

Tibetan Buddhists believe that reciting this mantra, silently or loudly, or just laying your eyes upon the written form of this mantra, invokes the blessings of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. 

It is said that the living energy of the teachings of the Buddha is contained within this 6 syllable mantra

And by chanting this mantra, you invoke the awareness of the Buddha. 

Each one of the 6 syllables has Sanskrit meanings and evoke vibrations that are important for human life and spiritual evolution. 

These vibrations are said to oppose internal forces that are the root cause of human suffering. 

Om – Om is the vibration of the universe. This vibration is the most important of all. It is akin to the blank canvas upon which the whole material universe is painted. Without it, there is no painting, and no us. 

But, in the context of chanting mantras, it destroys attachments to ego, establish generosity, and awakens and cleanses our chakras and meridians. 

Ma – Removes all attachment to jealousy and establishes ethics.

Ni – Removes the attachment to desire and establishes patience.

Pad – Removes the attachment to prejudice and establishes perseverance.

Me – Removes the attachment to possessiveness and establishes concentration.

Hum – Removes the attachment to hatred and establishes wisdom.

The five forces that is jealousy, desire, prejudice, possessiveness and hatred, are the creators of the largest blocks to our evolution that we will ever face in our lives, and are the primary drivers to human suffering and the creation of karma, which becomes the cause for reincarnation.

Where these five energy fields (forces) are present, suffering will forever exist. 

This powerful mantra can be used in a few simple ways. 

One can silently chant this mantra daily or regularly 108 times or for a few minutes. 

You may find a recitation of the mantra on Youtube and have it playing in the background. 

Or, my personal favourite – write this mantra on a few post-it notes and stick them in your work environment and living spaces, so that your eyes fall upon them throughout the day. 

Even if you don’t consciously process the existence of the mantra written on the note, you will still invoke the blessings of this powerful mantra, just by being in its presence. 

12) Mantra: ‘Jai Shri Ram’ or ‘Sri Rama Jayam’

Mantra to wipe out your karma and break the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth: Shri Ram

Ram is the beej mantra for the Manipura Chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus. It is where our ‘Sanchita Karma’ sits.

It is also the source of our power.

Our Sanchita Karma is the culmination of all our karma from every birth we’ve ever taken from the moment we’ve separated from source. 

Each time we’re reborn, a small scoop of karma is taken from the massive pool of accumulated sanchita karma, called our prarabdha karma, which becomes not only the reason for this birth, but also the primary determinant of our journey through this life, which we would refer to as our destiny. 

For as long as we have unfulfilled desires and unlearnt lessons, we will continue to be born over and over again, and each time, remain at the mercy of the planets. 

In-order to break this cycle, we must remove our accumulated sanchita karma. 

There are many ways of achieving this. 

The various forms of yoga are one method, with Kriya yogic practices being at the top of that list. 

This process, naturally, takes many years, if not lifetimes of dedicated practice to achieve ‘mukti / salvation’.

The Mantra ‘Shri Ram’ or ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is a much simpler method. It takes only 3 – 5 minutes of your time each day, and the power contained in these three little words, or 3 letters in the word Ram, has the power to part the ocean of miseries and roadblocks in your life with an unrivalled intensity. 

‘Shree or Shri’ refers to the divine feminine, and ‘Ram’ represents the divine masculine. 

Before I explain how to apply the power of this mantra in your life, I want to stress that all of the mantras in this article have been personally tested by myself over a period of time. 

Mantra instructions of use:

Find yourself an empty exercise book and a pen with red ink. If you don’t have a red pen, it doesn’t matter, any colour pen will work. 

Then, find yourself 5 – 10 minutes daily, and write ‘Shri Ram, or ‘Jai Shri Ram’ 108 times or fill the page completely. You can continue to write for as long as you feel like each day.

Then, go about your day as you normally would. 

I have A4 size sheets of paper, that has ‘Shri Ram’ written all over it, strategically placed around the house, in the glove box of the car, inside my pillow case, and even as the wallpaper of my laptop. 

Doing so, wards off negative energies, prevents accidents, provides a naturally powerful shield, and provides peaceful sleep. 

The benefits of this mantra and the above practice is endless. 

Once you completely fill the books, cover to cover, keep them somewhere safe. 

If you ever have a need for divine help or intervention in the future, take out one of the books, light a candle, hold the book in your hands, then pray to God for whatever it is you want help with. 

You will be blessed!


In conclusion, the mantras presented above may seem simple, yet are tremendously powerful, and their regular use will dramatically change your life.

All of the mantras presented have been tried and tested by myself over many years.

I wish you all the best and rapid achievement of the desired changes in your life!

Spirituality Zone articles are a joint collaboration of multiple authors of different backgrounds and specialities.