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Healing Frequencies

Rapid Pain Relief – Energy Protocol (MP3 Included)

“Pain in life is inevitable but suffering is not. Pain is what the world does to you, suffering is what you do to yourself [by the way you think about the ‘pain’ you receive]. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” ~ Gautama Buddha

This protocol has been designed to end or reduce your suffering, as a result of physical pain, by dispersing and removing the energy of the pain itself. 

The process is similar to Reiki healing. When you play this file, cosmic energy will begin flowing to your whole body, quickly unwinding the energetic knots that physical pain creates. 

The knots of energy will unwind and disperse back into cosmic energy, rapidly healing your physical pain. 

This file can be listened to, with or without headphones. 

If your pain is localised, you may engage in a little practice to help focus the flow of energy. 

In spiritual terms, we receive energies with our left hand, and output energies with our right hand. 

So, keep your left hand open, and place your right hand on the place where you’re feeling the pain, somewhat similar to reiki. 

You should begin to feel a reduction in pain, in about a minute or so. For more intense pain, listening a few times might be necessary. 

Note. This file will help with ALL physical pain, including headaches, migraines and physical injuries. 

You may listen to this file with the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ protocol, for increased dispersement of energies that create pain. 

Remember to increase your intake of fresh water to at least 2.5 litres of water daily. 

An advanced version is made available in our site store, at 400% the energy of this free file, if you require something a little stronger. 

The Advanced Version has been built, so that if you need to play this file silent, you may mute the file, and the energies will still flow. 

Both versions have been produced to ensure the flow of energies remain subtle, so  both versions of this file may be looped, if necessary. 

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