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Spiritual Techniques

Clear, Cleanse & Energise 88,000 Minor Chakras & 72,000 Meridians (MP3 Included)

In addition to our 7 major chakras and 3 major meridians, we also have 88,000 minor or secondary chakras, and 72,000 meridians. 

You can read more about what chakras and meridians are, here.

This energy formulation will clear, cleanse, balance and energise all of your 88,000 minor chakras, as well as, clear, cleanse and activate your 72,000 minor meridians. 

It is rare to be able to achieve this through an audio file. This achievement has previously only been available to the Yogi, engaging in decades long spiritual practice. 

Now, you can fast track your spiritual practice, in just 4 minutes of passive listening. 

Like the 7 Major Chakras file, this file should become part of your daily spiritual practice. Listen at least once or twice a day. 

For those that are more advanced in their spiritual practice, you may listen more. Let your body be your guide. 

You may use this file with or without headphones. I would suggest meditating to this file, using speakers. 

Sit near the speaker with your eyes closed. Now, maintain your focus onto your body, whilst taking slow, deep breaths, for the duration of the file.  Try engaging in this practice for between 7 – 21 days minimum.

For those that are energy sensitive, you will begin to feel a subtle vibration all over your body. Those that are not, this file will help develop your sensitivity over time.

After listening to this file, you may experience a beautiful relaxation of your mind, body, and what feels like, your soul. 

Some of you may experience some emotional releases, jolts of physical pain is possible in certain places. This is part of the clearing process. It will depend on what you’re emotionally holding onto. 

Clearing and balancing these minor chakras will also aide in correcting health and emotional issues you may have been experiencing. 

Please ensure that you increase your fresh water intake to 2.5 litres a day. This does not include any other liquids. 

An advanced version is available for purchase, with a 500% increase in energy intensity, using a subtle delivery system, which will prevent the Nervous System from being overloaded. 

The advanced version performs a much deeper cleansing and activation of all secondary chakras and meridians. The energy will also continue to run this process after you stop playing the file. 

Both versions contain the ‘Astral Disruption Chant’ to help fast track the process.

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