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Shreem Mantra Energised
Spiritual Techniques

Shreem Mantra Energised V2.0 | Waves of Light Technology (Mantra Energy Series)

For those new to our channel and website, the Mantra Energy Series, is where we map the energy signature of the vibrational output of the mantra being vibrated, then re-create the natural energy field, allowing you to by pass the chanting process, and absorb or work with, the energy itself. 

These are not programmed energy. These are natural energy fields. 

The ‘Shreem’ mantra is a powerful bheej (seed) vibration, responsible for the creation of wealth. 

You can learn more about this mantra vibration, reading our version one article.

So, what’s different about Youtube V2.0?

V2.0 delivers about 3x the potency, utilising our waves of light technology. This is possible, because of the way this energy is delivered. 

We’re using something we’ve been trialing ourselves, which we call our ‘smart delivery system’. It is essentially, an energy program, that directs the waves of light vibratory output of the mantra field, into each of your major individual chakras, starting with the root chakra, working its way up to the crown chakra. This continues in a loop fashion, for the full 10 minutes. 

This, to some extent, bypasses the resistance you have built up in your vibration. It also begins the process of transforming your vibration from the inside out. 

When you begin aligning the rest of your life with the goal of wealth creation, you will find manifestations begin to happen more quickly. 

Our Advanced version delivers about 2.5x the potency of version one advanced protocol, straight into your chakras, in a loop fashion, from your Earth chakra, to the Soul Star Chakra, about 12 inches above your physical head. 

In addition, the Advanced version performs a comprehensive clearing on your vibration, removing energetic and mental blockages to the functioning of this vibration in your life. The purpose of this clearing is to remove the junk, clearing out space, for the vibration to fill. 

When we clear out energies, we must refill the space we’ve cleared. So, the energy re-weaving process involves opening pathways through which the Shreem vibration can work to attract wealth. 

To enhance the process and effect of this protocol, we suggest, you meditate with the protocol playing, visualising golden energy flowing into each of your major chakras starting off with the root chakra or the earth chakra located about 3 feet into the ground below you feet (advanced). Also consider the pathways via which wealth can flow into your life. 

This last part is very important. Pathways are important for energy to flow easily. Work on creating pathways, or working on pathways that the clearing process presents. 

Then, work on aligning the rest of your life with this energy and your goals. 

Play the protocol through speakers. 

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