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Spiritual Techniques

Crystallised Intelligence – Increase Long Term Memory

This is the first protocol of our ‘intelligence’ series. 

This series will target psychometric definitions of intelligence, breaking protocols down into crystallised intelligence, fluid intelligence, spiritual intelligence, mental growth, learning difficulties, organising knowledge in the subconscious and utilising yogic techniques to cover the general definition of intelligence. 

The first release of this series is ‘Crystallised Intelligence’.

Crystallised intelligence refers to the ability to recall knowledge, skills and abilities attainted through prior learning and past experience. 

In other words, long term memory. 

This protocol will strengthen the mind, and enhance the functions and process of the brain / mind connection, enhancing your ability to recall and utilise, attainted knowledge. 

We recommend listening to this protocol only 2 – 3 times per day, allowing the brain and mind to assimilate with the field of energy. Always give your body and mind time. 

We recommend meditating and engagement with the energy field. 

For the more advanced practitioner, we have an advanced version that maximises the combination of the fields potency and intelligence levels. 

Play the file through speakers. 

Since you are targeting the brain, increase your intake of fresh water when using this protocol. 

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