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How to Clear Subconscious Blocks? 4 Powerful Techniques to Clear Subconscious Blocks, Plus Powerful Subconscious Clearing MP3

The subconscious Mind is the aspect of the mind that operates below your waking, conscious state. 

The subconscious Mind is the artificial intelligence that runs our lives on auto-pilot. I call it artificial intelligence because it has the capacity to learn, develop and grow. 

This happens through monitoring our thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions to our external environment and environmental stimuli. 

Scientific studies show that the subconscious mind, much like a sponge, absorbs 50,000 – 80,000 bits of information per day from external observations, and handles something like 11 million bits of data per second, from internal processes. 

Contained within is a massive repository, which the subconscious mind constantly analyses, to seek out connections and relationships, from which it will eventually establish programs that run automatically, all in the name of efficiency. 

The subconscious mind is the operating software, that is responsible for running the hardware (the body) and it’s experiences, whilst the soul – you – simply observe. 

The primary reason why most humans aren’t able to break old habits, or make positive changes in ones lives, comes down to the existing programs contained in the Subconscious, that run on auto-pilot, controlling every facet of our lives, from all of our bodily processes, to the manner in which our lives unfold. 

The good news is that we can change every aspect of our lives, by consciously replacing the programs that run automatically in our subconscious mind. 

But before we establish new programs that serve our purpose, we must first clear out all of the old ones. 

Here are 4 powerful techniques to easily clear your subconscious blocks

  • Pendulum Technique
  • Mental and Emotional Auditing Technique
  • Subconscious Affirmation / Afformation Technique
  • Listening to the Spirituality Zone ‘Remove Subconscious Blocks’ MP3 

Of course, the simplest and most powerful is the use of our ‘Subconscious Blocks Remover’ MP3, however, we’re going to share a few extra conscious techniques, which will help you heighten the results you achieve. 

1) Pendulum Technique for Subconscious Block Removal

The Pendulum technique will require a few tools. These include paper, pen or pencil, and a pendulum. 

The pendulum does not need to be anything fancy. Just a weight with a piece of string attached will suffice. Remember, it’s just a prop.

In the event that you are unable to source one, just being able to imagine the flow of energy clockwise and anti-clockwise, will work. 

On the piece of paper, first write down all of the areas of your life that you wish to bring change to. 

Write down all of the things you don’t like about yourself, and would like to get rid of. 

These include behaviors, habits, thought patterns, belief systems, etc.

When you have a list you’re happy with, sit comfortably, then, take a few deep breaths to slow yourself down and clear the mind. 

Now, grab your pendulum, holding it in front of you, repeat the following:

“I call upon the consciousness of my mind, body, and soul. I call upon my higher self”.

“Connect with my subconscious mind, right now, and so it is”.

Now, begin spinning the pendulum in an anti-clockwise motion. If you don’t have one, close your eyes and begin imagining air or energy around you spinning in an anti-clockwise motion.

Now repeat, “Remove from my subconscious mind, all programs that ____________________”

In that space, speak in your own words, everything you wrote down on the piece of paper earlier. 

Move down the list until you’ve completed everything you’ve wanted to clear. When done, allow the pendulum to come to a stationary position itself. 

Then, spin the pendulum in a clockwise position. This time, you’re going to fill the space you’ve now just cleared.

Here is an opportunity to create new programs, new habits, etc. 

Fill in the gap, in your own words, with new belief system, programs, behaviors, etc, “Fill this space now with love, joy, abundance, happiness, and _____________________”.

Once done, let the pendulum come to a standstill, take a few deep breaths, then go about your day, being consciously aware of the ‘new you’ that you desire. 

Remember, your subconscious mind will take note of how you react to external stimuli, so you need to be consciously aware of how you react. You must being to behave consciously in the way in which you want your subconscious mind to react.

If you fall back into old habits, the subconscious mind will reject the changes you’ve programmed. 

I know this method sounds overly simple, however, I bring you this technique after testing it thousands of times. In short, it works, powerfully well!

2) Mental and Emotional Auditing Technique for Subconscious Blocks Removal

This technique is similar to the one above, however, here, you’re not performing a clearing using a pendulum. 

You’ll instead consciously audit how you feel, think, and physically react to all external stimuli, then consciously change it through your behavior.

Out of all of the techniques, this is the most difficult. 

It will take a minimum of 21 days to reprogram your habits.

Each time that you react to something in a manner that you do not approve of, consciously, and verbally speak to the subconscious mind stating something along the lines of:

“Dear Subconscious mind, clear, cancel, and delete this _________________, right now and so it is”. 

Fill the empty space with whatever the reaction was. It could be “behavior, belief system, thought, emotion, etc.” 

Then, tell the subconscious mind how you want it to respond.

“From this moment forward, I want you to respond with _________________, and so it is!”.

Continue to observe yourself in any environment that causes you to behave or react in a way you do not like. This includes the emotional feelings that come as a result of not feeling worthy of wealth, love, etc. 

Remember, your subconscious mind takes it cue from your conscious mind. You tell it who’s boss. 

When using this technique, I often hold 5 minute meetings with my subconscious mind, each day, for a 21 day period. This is similar to a performance review anyone would have at work. 

The idea is to speak and feel these changes you desire, straight into your subconscious mind. 

The best time to hold these meetings are early in the morning, as you awaken for the day, or at night, right before you fall off to sleep.

3) Subconscious Affirmation / Afformation Technique for Subconscious Blocks Removal

The affirmation / afformation method is similar to using subliminals. The idea is to dominate those 50,000 – 80,000 pieces of external data the Subconscious processes daily.

Develop key affirmations or afformations that target the area of your life that you wish to change. Then, repeat those affirmations to yourself in blocks of 55 repetitions at a time. 

Its best to first hype yourself up by listening to upbeat music, or doing some exercise, then get straight into your affirmations. 

Verbally, out aloud, is the best approach. I’ve conducted tests with 25 people. The best results have come when the 55 repetitions were both verbally stated, as well as, written. 

Do this for a minimum of 5 days, with the ideal number of days being 21. 

For further reading about afformations, read also: How to make manifestation work.

It is extremely important that you apply emotions to these affirmations or afformations. The emotional component is what will dominate above the competitive thoughts your subconscious processes. 

4) Remove Subconscious Blocks MP3

This is by far the easiest, and also the most powerful Subconscious blocks removal technique I’ve come across. 

It is our very own audio formulation, which performs a thorough clearing of your subconscious mind, automatically removing all limiting programs, thoughts, behaviors, and belief systems. 

This file utilises only an energy field, which will automatically purge and nullify anything in your subconscious mind that is deemed a blockage. 

Please note, that if you’re listening to subliminal files, this file will not remove any of your hard work. It will only clear anything that is limiting you in anyway. 

Listen to this file, a maximum of 2 times daily for best results. Preferably, at different times of the day. The best times are early in the morning or prior to falling off to sleep. 

You may use this file, with or without headphones. 

Advanced Version

There is now an advanced version available in our store. The advanced version comes with two files. One with music and a silent mode that you can use as you sleep.

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