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Spiritual Techniques

Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi

These three protocols have been created for the true spiritual practitioner, seeking rapid spiritual evolution, however, it is also suitable for those seeking to bring their mental and physical faculties into balance. 

These protocols will tremendously benefit those engaged in spiritual practices like yoga, pranayama, meditation, by harmonising the Ida and Pingala meridians, as well as, energising the dormant Sushumna meridian. 

It will also help those struggling with mental issues and suffering from problems with the physical body. 

Our entire human experience (culmination of all activities), eventually, has the primary purpose of energising the spinal column, mainly the Sushumna meridian, with the help of the Ida and Pingala meridians. 

This purpose, leads us to higher levels of consciousness, eventually, leading us to self awareness. 

The Ida and Pingala meridians are active throughout our lives, however the Sushumna meridian lies dormant, until it is energised by harmonising the Ida and Pingala. 

These three meridians play a special role in our particular brand of evolution. 

The three meridians, both, represent and facilitate, the flow of mental, physical and spiritual energies in our bodies and lives. 

When these flows are disrupted, our electromagnetic field can easily become distorted, causing all sorts of problems in our lives. 

Further, the Ida and Pingala meridians also regulate the flow of luna and solar energies, respectively, in our bodies. These two energies are highly influential in the mental and physical processes of our bodies. 

Let’s take a brief look at the meridians individually. 

Ida Meridian

At its highest and most subtle level of vibration, energy exists as pure consciousness. 

We refer to this as Chitta, or the universal mind. The flow of energy at this level is called the divine mental force.

In our bodies, the Ida meridian is the channel responsible for the flow of the mental energy force. 

In Yogic traditions, it is believed that the Ida meridian is a form of the divine masculine manifestation in our bodies. 

All of our mental activity is as a result of the flow and dominance of the Ida meridian. This energy is connected to the flow of breath through the left nostril, and It affects the right brain hemisphere. 

When there are issues with the Ida meridian, we face mental disturbances, including being unable to center and focus our thoughts. 

When meditating, if you are unable to calm the mind, then chances are, the Ida meridian is out of balance. 

If you focus upon your breath, if airflow is excessive or weak through the left nostril, then your Ida meridian needs attention. You will notice that when you are mentally disturbed, airflow through the left nostril is limited or affected. 

Pingala Meridian

As the vibratory rate of energy decreases, it exists only as pure energy. This is the state of most fields of energy, in nature. We can call this energy, the vital energy force, or Prana. 

In our bodies, the Pingala meridian and its network is responsible for the flow of this vital energy force.

In Yogic traditions, the Pingala meridian is believed to be a form of the divine feminine manifestation in our bodies. 

All our physical activity, is as a result of the flow and dominance of the Pingala meridian. If you feel weak, lazy, exhausted, etc, then the Pingala meridian is directly or indirectly involved. 

The activities of the Pingala meridian is connected to the left hemisphere of the brain, and the flow of breath through the right nostril. 

When there are issues with the Pingala meridian, we face disturbances with our physical energy levels and the physical functions of the body. 

When you breath through the nose, if airflow through the right nostril is weak or excessive, the physical functioning of the body will be affected in some way. 

Sushumna Meridian

The Sushumna is the centre meridian, responsible for the flow of spiritual energy. It is the channel that connects the divine feminine vital pranic force (kundalini energy at the base of our spine), with the divine masculine mental energy (divine consciousness in our crown), to activate the higher dormant brain centres. 

The Sushumna becomes activated when the flow of breath in both nostrils, and both the Ida and Pingala meridians are harmonised. 

This is the state where in-breath and out-breath happens together. 

This article is an over simplification of what the three meridians are responsible for. You can Google each of the meridians to find more in-depth explanations of their responsibilities. 

In short, there is no process of the mind, body or soul, that these three meridians don’t affect, or are responsible for, directly or indirectly. 

By bringing them into balance, not only can we supercharge our spiritual evolution, but can also neutralise any and all issues that fall under the mental and physical umbrella. 

In-order to keep the energy fields as natural as possible, we’ve created individual protocols for each of the meridians. 

This way, you can focus on each meridian at a time. Plus, if you are utilising the files to help fix mental or physical bodily issues, you can work with the individual meridian protocols. 

We recommend meditating with the individual files, 2 times a day maximum. Once should be enough for most people. 

The best time to work with the Ida meridian would be when the moon is out, so at night, or early in the mornings, before sunrise. 

The best time to work with the Pingala meridian would be anytime between sunrise and sunset. 

You can work with the Sushumna Nadi at any time, however, the best times are when the mind and body is calm and in sync. 

We have advanced versions of all three protocols for the more advanced spiritual practitioners. The potency of the energy field is 700% of the Youtube version for the Sushumna protocol, and 600% for the Ida and Pingala protocols, with the intelligence of all three fields of energy at their absolute maximum levels. 

When using these protocols, please sit upright, in a comfortable position, keeping the back straight. 

Play the files through speakers. 

Please increase your intake of fresh water when using these fields. 

Spirituality Zone articles are a joint collaboration of multiple authors of different backgrounds and specialities.