How to Tremendously Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lotto and Games of Chance MP3

This file has been produced specifically to increase your chances of winning the lottery and ALL games of chance that you partake in. 

This was a special request, which set off my curiosity, and set me off on a journey in the astral world to seek out an answer and a workable solution. 

All manifestation, first happens in the astral world, before it manifests in the physical world, which is why, it’s better to perform any kind of energy work, directly in the astral.

This file replicates the energy signature of a lotto win, or a win in any game of chance, in the astral realm. 

This includes lotto, the pokies, raffles, and also trading. It will tremendously increase your probability of a win. 

Listen to this version as many times as you desire. 

If playing the lotto, play this audio first, then close your eyes and visualise the game you’re intending on playing, and the win itself. Try not to focus on the monetary value of the win. Instead, focus just on the end result of winning the game. 

The file has been built to compound the energy, so your probability will increase with time and use of this file. 

Increase your water intake to help upregulate the energy into every cell of your body. 

Advance Program – Lotto and Games of Chance (2 MP3 Files)

The advance program comes with two separate files, both completely independent from each other. 

You expect my files to be powerful, and that’s exactly what I like to deliver. 

The first file, is the advance version to the file available on Youtube. This advance version has been powered up 1000%. You may listen to this file, following the same instructions as the Youtube version.

The energy of this file focuses specifically on the energy signature of the win, so does not have any major affect on your energy.

Lotto and Games of Chance – Advance File 2

The second file, ‘Lotto Advance File 2’, is a more advanced version, which accompanies with it some instructions, and warnings. 

I’ve stated above, that winning lotto and games of chance, consciously, requires tremendous amounts of energy, to sway the results in your favor. 

This is exactly what this expanded version aims to do. It will draw tremendous amounts of energy to you from your surroundings. 

It is for this reason, that I attach a warning. The energy that comes to you, will empower you tremendously, which will require a great deal of self control.

You may find that you snap at those around you for the tiniest of reasons. The human self is not designed for large amounts of energy. You will need to keep your distance, or practice conscious control over your emotions. 

Not everyone will react this way, however, I am issuing a warning, just in-case. 

Please make sure that you drink plenty of water when listening to this file. It will help up regulate the energy, as well as, balance the energy properly 

The second file has specific instructions of use, which must be followed exactly. 

This second file, requires a little visual ritual, and works best when listened to first thing in the morning, after having a shower and clearing your energies. 

This little ritual will start in the shower. 

Whilst showering, close your eyes and visualise the water as droplets of golden energy falling upon you.  Consider all of your senses.  The feeling of the water droplets on your body, the sound of the golden energy charged water, the smell of the water, etc. 

Now, keeping your eyes closed, think about the game you wish to play, and the result of having won. 

If possible, play this file (Lotto Advance File 2), whilst you perform the above visual in the shower. If it’s not possible, not to worry, you will do it again afterwards. Take mental note of the feeling of the golden water droplets, as it will help you imagine it later. 

After your shower, find a quiet space, standing upright, turn on this audio file, and repeat what you just performed in the shower. 

Visualise golden droplets of energy falling upon you from above, completely encompassing your body. 

Now, think about the game you’re intending to play, followed by imagining winning the game of chance. 

Continue this visual for the duration of the audio. 

When finished, thank the universe for the impending blessing. 

Open your eyes and go about your day. 

Aim to practice this little routine once each morning. Remember, this file is to be used only once in the morning, or a maximum of twice, if you use the audio for the ritual in the shower as well. 

What is the main difference between the two advance versions?

The first file focuses on the energy signature of the win.

The second file draws tremendous energy to you that charges your own vibration for the win.

When you combine the use of both files, you dramatically increases the probability of a win.

I want to also add that I cannot guarantee anyone of a win. I am only providing an energy field program that will increase the probability of a win dramatically. 

Use and test the Youtube version, before jumping into buying the paid version. 

The advance version is available for purchase in the store.

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