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Spiritual Techniques

Remove ALL Blocks to Astral Senses (MP3 Included)

Our astral senses are those that allow us to experience reality beyond the material world. 

These are similar to your physical senses, but on the astral body. 

This protocol begins the process of removing all blocks that is preventing you from using your astral senses. 

When we’re born, many of our astral senses are active and available to us for use. However, we tend to begin modelling the people around us, and so, we quickly learn to ignore our astral senses, which then sits dormant, until we reactivate them. 

This protocol has been built for those of you who would like to walk down the path to awakening your astral senses and developing your psychic abilities. 

This is the key to unlocking and opening the door to developing and experiencing abilities that allow you to become lucid in dreams, astral travel, heighten intuition, see into the realms, activate your energy body, etc. 

I think you get the picture. 

And before anyone asks me if this will help them become more energy sensitive, YES, this will open the door to energy sensitivity. 

WARNING 1 – I want to issue the first of many warnings. This first one is for energy sensitivity. Right now, you maybe thinking how amazing it is to be sensitive to energies. But, take it from someone who has been energy sensitive all his life, and who has experienced this sensitivity grow astronomically over the years, it is more a curse than a blessing. Becoming more sensitive will prevent you from living a normal life. I will write a more detailed article about this soon. 

WARNING 2 – Awakening your astral senses may cause you to have strange and vivid dreams, as well as, activate the ability to see and/or sense spirits. 

In addition, you may begin to feel other peoples energies, feel their thoughts and feelings, feel their pain and suffering, know things before they happen (good and bad things), etc. 

I say this again, this is more a curse than a blessing at times. You might have heard the saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’. Well in this case, truer words were never spoken. 

So, think carefully, before you open this door and walk through it. 

There certainly are numerous benefits to having your astral senses active, however, I want to make it clear that there is always balance in the Universe. The good, always brings with it, something not so nice. 

This protocol won’t awaken each and every ability, but will certainly remove the blocks on them. 

What abilities awaken and heighten automatically, will depend on the person listening. 

This file will work directly on the Astral body and remove absolutely all blocks that prevents your astral senses from being fully activate and available to you for use. 

I know that this file will be abused, hence I’ve toned it down somewhat, and have used our subtle delivery system. 

Please only listen to this file just twice a day for at least the first week. Possibly, once in the AM, and once in the PM. 

This is a process that you do not want to rush, so PLEASE take it slowly. DO NOT LOOP this file.

Always accompany this file with meditation, silence, and quiet contemplation. This is not a file you want to be listening to, whilst doing something else. 

For those that are a little more advanced in their spiritual path, there is an advanced version available in our site store, which increases the energy output and the effect by about 400%. The advanced version will additionally, energetically massage your astral senses. This is like exercising your muscles to strengthen them.

WARNING 3 – for those that wish to purchase the advanced version, please be honest with yourself about your level of spiritual awareness. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to begin seeing the truth about this world, the Universe and of life. This is not a time you want to lie to yourself. 

The main changes aren’t super cool psychic abilities, but an inner transformation, where the truth is felt and experienced, which may make you dislike life and the people you deal with. For many, this path leads to detachment. 

This is a spiritual journey! 

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