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Spiritual Techniques

Commune With Your Higher Self

This is possibly one of the most important files I will ever release. It has taken the better part of 2 months to perfect. If there is a file I would like you to meditate to daily, it’s this one. 

This file establishes a conscious connection between the consciousness of your present existence, and the awareness of your higher self, whilst removing any form of interference to this connection.

In short, this connects you to the intelligence of your true being. 

Why is this connection so important? 

Connecting to a higher intelligent form of yourself opens you up to infinite possibilities, and possibly, the best source of solutions to the unique problems you face in your present existence. 

We live in a world, where due to technological advancements, the pandemic, and the increased stresses of life in the modern world, we find ourselves more and more alone. 

For this reason, more people today, are suffering from the likes of depression, anxiety, and a long list of mental illnesses, resulting in increased dependence on chemical stimulants to survive. 

Almost all of us, at some point, feel as if we’re unable to survive, unable to find a solution, and unable to escape the burdens of life. 

This file will help you to reestablish your personal, dedicated helpline, which connects directly to a version of yourself, that is intelligence itself. 

The uses are infinite. However, here are some examples:

  1. Meditate with your higher self to escape the inner loneliness. 
  2. Ask the higher self for help and guidance. 
  3. Asking the higher self for solutions to problems unique to yourself. 
  4. Asking your higher self for help in ‘understanding’ yourself and your life. 
  5. Seeking ‘healing’ from the higher self. 
  6. Asking the higher self to cleanse your aura and chakras. 
  7. Speaking your heart out to your higher self, for releasing the burdens you carry in your heart. Here, you’re asking the higher self to intervene and to remove the hurt you’re feeling. 
  8. Asking for knowledge, information, and even abilities to be downloaded from your higher self. (There will be another dedicated file, which will allow you to do this, however, this file can be used as well). 

In short, you may use this file to ask your higher self for anything that comes to mind. 

I tend to meditate with my higher self to understand the karmic implications to actions I may take, including seeking permission to release certain files. 

I am looking forward to reading the experiences many of you have with this file, and what things you use it for. If you’re not comfortable posting it in the comments section under the video, please do email me. 

I am releasing the advanced version as the Youtube version, so please be aware that this file is potent. There is no other version.

PLEASE only listen to this file ONCE daily. You may get a headache if you over do it. 

Best practice will be to meditate to this file playing on low volume. 

During your meditation, you may verbally or mentally speak to your higher self, just as you would speak with another person. 

If you’re able, some of you may be able to have a conversation, others may sense or feel responses, some may get visuals, and others may simply feel something during, or have vivid prophetic dreams.

If you don’t experience any of the above, simply follow your intuition and gut feeling in the following hours or days. Your Higher Self knows you better than you know yourself, right now, and so, it will find a way to deliver a message to you, in a manner in which you’ll understand. 

For those that may be wondering how you could develop an easier way of communicating with the higher self. The answer is meditation. You may also want to utilise the ‘Remove Astral Blocks’ file to remove any blockages that maybe hindering communication. 

Please increase your intake of water when using this file. This one is a huge block of energy. You may feel dehydrated after listening. 

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