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Bach Flower Essence: Rescue Remedy
Healing Frequencies

Bach Flower Essence: Rescue Remedy Formulation (Morphogenic Field)

Rescue Remedy formulation, created by Dr Bach in the 1930’s, is the most well known and most effective of the family of Bach flower remedies. It is called a formulation because it combines five individual flower essences, which when combined, remedy the majority of issues that cause panic attacks, anxiety, stress, fear, trauma or shock in our lives. 

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There are a long list of issues that can trigger off anxiety or panic attacks in an individual, and each cause almost certainly has its own remedy. 

These triggers can range from having a history of anxiety disorder in the family, to PTSD as a result of experiencing some form of trauma, to panic attacks due to life troubles like financial or relationship problems. 

In today’s world with pandemics like COVID19, and the manner in which it has forever disturbed the lives of everyone, it is natural for many, if not all of us to feel some sort of fear due to travel restrictions, job losses, financial problems, and the uncertainty it all creates. 

Unfortunately for sufferers, actual remedies that work are few and far between. 

And those solutions that do provide some relief, like Bach Flower Essences, can be expensive at $25 for a 20ml bottle, or medication like Xanax, can have yucky side effects like reliance or addiction, leaving sufferers with no real choice but to continue suffering. 

What if there was a way to experience all of the benefits of the Bach Flower Essences, without constantly dishing out $25 for a bottle, and the benefits of Xanax, without feeling subdued or suffering any side effects? 

There is a way!

Let me introduce you to the Spirituality Zone Digital Rescue Remedy. 

These unique digitised formulations are designed to help with immediate problems. 

Digital Bach Rescue Remedy’ Mild Version:

What is it? 

The Spirituality Zone Rescue Remedy is our digital formulation, in which we take the energy signature of the original formulation you would buy in a bottle, and create a morphogenic field protocol that can deliver you the benefits of the Bach Rescue Remedy, enhanced many times over, in just 4 minutes. 

This mild version delivers energy equivlant to 7 drops of the traditional Bach Rescue Remedy.

Benefits of the Mild Bach Rescue Remedy, digital version:

This formulation works to help alleviate all causes and triggers of anxiety, fear, panic attacks and stress, in the same way the liquid form would work.

There are financial benefits as well in using our digital formulations. By listening to our formulation, you can reap the benefits of the Rescue Remedy Formulation, without having to buy and re-buy bottles for $25. 

This remedy is freely available to listen to on our Youtube channel or you may download the free MP3 version here:

Instructions of Use:

This formulation is a 4 minute audio file produced in 8D audio format, with brown noise. You simply put on your headphones and hit play, at low to medium volume. 

You may listen as many times as needed without any side effects. 

Digital Bach Rescue Remedy’ Advanced Version:

If you suffer from more intense panic attacks and anxiety neurosis, and the mild version isn’t strong enough for your needs, you can purchase the advanced version for $21, which:

Multiplies the energy of the above Bach Rescue Remedy Mild Version by 300%, delivering the equivalent of 21 drops of the liquid Bach Rescue Remedy. 

Adds the positive effects of a full dose equivalence of Xanax, without any negative side effects. 

Boosts serotonin production in the body by 200%.

Adds the full support of the master healer in the quartz crystal family – the stress relieving living energy of the Amethyst crystal.

And blocks all external energy that might be affecting you by placing a powerful shield around you. 

This is especially important if you’re an empath. 

What is it?

Like the mild version, the advanced version is a 4 minute audio file, created in 8D format with brown noise, with the energy of the above added in the energy protocol formulation. 

What does the Advanced Bach Rescue Remedy do?

The advanced version provides relief and alleviates the physical and mental reaction caused by all triggers to anxiety, especially in stressful situations, which are more serious in nature. 

In this formulation, you receive the full benefits of Xanax, without any negative side effects. 

This advanced digital formulation would normally cost upwards of $49, however, in the interest of collecting good karma, I am making this advanced MP3 file available for a one off fee of $21.

You buy once and use it for life. 

In our testing phase, users reported that they began to feel relief within the first minute of listening to this file. 

Instructions of Use:

Listen to this file whenever you feel an episode coming on, using headphones, on medium volume.

You may listen to this file as many times as needed. 

Click here to go to the purchase page.

File is available for immediate download after purchase.

What Bach Flower Remedies are part of the traditional ‘Rescue Remedy’ formulation?

The Rescue Remedy formulation, originally created by Dr. Edward Bach, combines five individual flower remedies.

These are:

Bach Flower Essence – Clematis: 

This remedy is for those that tend to live in their own dream world, not fully awake or engaged in their lives. 

These people tend to be somewhat unhappy with their present realities, hence choose to exist in a dreamlike reality, with hopes of a happier future. 

This remedy works to help the individual focus more clearly, increase concentration, provide clarity, and help them to engage in what is needed to bring about solutions and happiness into their lives in the present moment.

Bach Flower Essence – Cherry Plum:

This remedy provides relief for those that fear losing control of themselves and their lives. The fear can lead to a nervous breakdown, severe anger, rage, even suicidal tendencies. 

Ideal for individuals who are in deep despair and fear losing control. 

Bach Flower Essence – Rock Rose:

Ideal in emergency situations where there seems to be very little hope. It is used in grave situations where there is tremendous fear, or the onset of a sudden illness or a serious and life threatening accident. 

This remedy works well in situations that can make a person tremble with fear. 

Bach Flower Essence – Star of Bethlehem:

Ideal for post traumatic stress or grief caused from a prolonged period of unhappiness, or a great loss in someone’s life, that one is unable to cope with.

This remedy brings comfort. 

Bach Flower Essence – Impatiens:

Ideal for those that are impatient and get irritated easily. They act and speak quickly.

This remedy slows down their thinking and action to give their mind and body time to process. 

The result here is patience and internal peace. 

How long does the rescue remedy take to work? 

The liquid forms of the Bach Rescue Remedy can take a few days to begin working, however, our very own Spirituality Zone Digital Rescue Remedy begins to work immediately. 

In our tests, users responded that they felt the effect within 1 minute of listening. 

How often do I use this rescue remedy?

You may use the digital formulation as often as needed, and as many times as needed to calm your nerves. The mild version may require a couple of listens depending on the severity of the episode. 

The advanced formulation usually only requires a single 4 minute session, however, feel free to listen as many times as needed for your desires result.

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