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Healing Frequencies

Raise Self Power to Omnipotence MP3

This file will raise your self power to Omnipotence. 

This is purely an energy protocol with no inbuilt frequencies.

This protocol is designed to dramatically raise your self power to an omnipotence level. The power level is cumulative and seriously potent.

Your power level will grow in-line with the capacity of your body, brain, mind and soul.

The human body and mind is not built to comprehend omnipotence level power. This energy protocol will take you as close as humanly possible. 

With continued spiritual practice, your capacity can increase.

This protocol has an inbuilt safety to ensure that you are not overwhelmed, nor can the power you gain be used to harm others.

You will gain the ability to manifest the life you want to live.

The protocol gives authority to your soul, and to your higher self to determine what is considered good or bad. Your conscious state will not be able to override this. 

With continued use, you will begin to notice the raw self power you yield increase dramatically – the sort of power which comes with great responsibility. 

Listen not more than a few times daily. 

As always, increase your consumption of water.

Headphones are not required.

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