How to create powerful sigils: Step-by-step guide

A sigil is a powerful representation of your desired intention, and when created and awakened properly, it embodies the living energy of your desire in your subconscious mind. By following this easy step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to supercharge and fast track manifestation in your life by creating extremely powerful Sigils

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Introduction to Sigils

Ever hear the saying “A picture tells a thousand words”? Most of us have. 

Utilising a picture is one of the fastest ways in which to activate a specific energy in our subconscious mind, in the shortest period of time. 

Sigils are a graphical representation of our desired intention. When created and awakened properly, it can hold and evoke tremendous life altering energy.

When we awaken a sigil, it creates an imprint within our subconscious mind as living energy. Everytime we look at or are in the presence of the sigil, the energy of our desire having already come to pass activates within the subconscious. 

Let me share a simple sigil creation method with you.

STEP 1. The first thing you must do is to choose a desired end result

It has to be something realistic, with not too many negative thoughts or feelings attached. If there are, then there will be heavy resistance against your desire manifesting into your material reality. 

From experience, this manifestation method works better if what you desire is specific. 

If you’re seeking wealth, be specific about the dollar amount, and if possible, the avenue via which the money will flow. 

For example, by profession, I’m a trader of currency and equities. If I want to generate more money, I might focus on a desire that is a specific dollar amount and the avenue may be through Forex trading. 

If you hold a job, consider a pay rise or a new opportunity that pays significantly more. 

If you have a business, consider X number of more customers weekly / monthly / quarterly. 

For each desire, you’ll need a separate sigil. 

Here are some sigil ideas:

A sigil for good luck.

A sigil for good health. 

A sigil where people around you go out of their way to help you. 

A sigil for recognition and promotions at work, or a general one for help with your career.

If you’re in sales, a sigil that generates leads for you, or multiplies your sales each month. 

Even a sigil to keep your physically fit and in good shape.

The possibilities are endless.

Draw up a list of the areas in your life where you need universal energy to flow, then move onto the next step. 

STEP 2. Write this desire out in either an affirmation or afformation format 

 An affirmation uses ‘I am’ statements in the present tense, and ensures some degree of gratitude. 

For example, if my desire was to manifest one million dollars, I may write an affirmation like below:

‘I am extremely happy and grateful now that I have one million dollars sitting in my Westpac Bank account.’


‘I am extremely happy and grateful now that I am easily generating $25,000 a week trading stocks’. 

In the first instance I stated the overall dollar amount and left it open to the universe to fill in the ‘how’ and ‘when’. 

In the second instance, I specified a dollar amount within a shorter time period, with a clear avenue via which to receive the money. This will amount to $100,000 a month and a million dollars in about 10 months. 

Same desire, same overall result, just different pathways to getting there. 

How you write out the statement matters. Spend some time here perfecting your statement. 

Once you have the statement written out, sit back and ponder on how you feel about what you’ve written out. 

How does it make you feel? 

If there is a negative feeling, then chances are you have significant resistance built up to it.

In which case, you should rewrite the statement until you find that you no longer have a negative reaction to it. 

Key ingredients to an affirmation statement: 

‘I Am’ – denotes existence in the present moment. 

‘Happy’ – the word happy is most often energiesed to exist in a state of zero resistance. 

‘Grateful’ – evokes the energy of being in a state of gratitude. Being in gratitude places you in the receiving mode. 

‘Now that’ – establishes a moment in time where your desire has already come into manifestation. 

‘One million dollars’ – is a specific amount the subconscious mind is familiar with. 

‘Westpac bank account’ – this is a confirmation of something the subconscious mind already knows exists. Make sure you actually have an account. This can be a powerful anchor.


An afformation is similar to an affirmation, only this time, the statement is posed as a question. 

The question is asked in a manner so as to insinuate that something is already in existence, but questioning how it came to pass. 

This causes the subconscious mind to seek out the ‘how it happened’ part, which often results in the manifestation itself. 

For example, using the above desire of manifesting one million dollars, I would write my afformation as:

‘How did I manifest one million dollars in my Westpac bank account so quickly?’

See the difference? 

When we’re asking a question, as opposed to stating something is in existence, there is no resistance. 

Here is a simple formula to remember:

Desire – Resistance = Instant or rapid Manifestation of your reality. 

Key ingredients to an afformation statement:

‘How’ – the question, which is seeking the solution to something that has already happened. The solution in this case is an understanding of how it happened. The very question causes a distortion in the subconscious mind, which forces it to take corrective measures to bring back into balance your perceived reality. In place of ‘how’, you can use ‘why’ or ‘what’.

‘Did I’ – the ‘I’ relates to your vibration, and ‘did’ relates to a moment in the past. The event has already happened. You don’t need to consciously accept that. Leave it to the subconscious to figure it out. 

‘Manifest’ – represents the creation, or better, the ‘created’.

‘One million dollars’ – the actual desire. This is the energy that the sigil is bringing into your present reality. 

‘In my Westpac Bank account’ – the result, or the place where you want to experience the result. 

‘So quickly’ – places urgency in providing a solution. You are seeking a rapid manifestation.  

In place of ‘so quickly’, I often times use a date.

For example, I may re-work the above afformation to read:

‘How was I able to so easily generate $1,000,000.00 in the year 2020?’. 

If I was seeking leads or sales in a business, I might write out an afformation like:

‘Why am I so easily getting 20 new qualified leads every single month?’. 

You can replace the ‘why’ with a how, and replace ‘getting’ with ‘given’. 

Always remember that your choice of words will greatly impact on the energy and power established in the sigil, and the manner in which the universe responds. 

Once you’ve drafted your afformation, once again, sit back and ponder on how it makes you feel. In this case, there may not be any resistance to the afformation, like there is with affirmations, however, you may find that the question posed, doesn’t feel entirely right. 

Your soul or higher self will let you know what is the correct path through feeling. 

Once you’ve drafted an affirmation or afformation for the desires you shortlisted in the first step, and it feels right, follow me onto the third step.

STEP 3. Visualise the reality the statement represents

This is a critical component to the process. This is where you’re begining to conceive the energy that you’ll give birth to in the sigil. 

If ever someone says that their sigil isn’t working, its because they missed or bypassed this step. 

Make sure you don’t! 

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and envision your reality as having already manifested your desire. 

This visualisation needs to include both a mental and emotional component. This means, you see and feel the result of having your desire manifested. 

In my example, I would visualise looking at a Westpac bank statement with $1,000,000 showing in credits. 

I’d explore the feeling that would accompany seeing a million dollars sitting in my bank account. 

Imagine what it would feel like? The solutions it will provide? 

We all want to be rich and financially secure, but not many true know how that feels, which is the reason why they are unable to manifest it. 

Take a deep breath, absorbing into your soul everything that you’re seeing in your minds eye, and everything that you’re feeling. 

Keep doing this until you feel content. This part of the process is transforming your vibration in real time. 

Try and hold both this visual and feeling for at least 68 seconds. Doing so creates enough momentum to bring this desire into full manifestation. 

In this step, you are energising the statement with real living energy. When you create and activate the sigil, this energy will become one with your vibration, altering your reality to one where your desire already exists. 

I hope by now you’re beginning to appreciate the endless potential the use of sigils proposes. 

Five to ten minutes in this step is sufficient. 

Once you’re ready, move onto step four. 

STEP 4. Remove from the statement or question all vowels and duplicate letters 

We’re going to now take the statement or question, then break it down to a level where we can use what’s remaining to produce a charged visual representation of your desire. 

Taking our affirmation example above:

‘I am so happy and grateful now that I have one million dollars sitting in my Westpac Bank account’.

I will first remove all the vowels: A, E, I , O, U.

This is what I would have left:

‘   M S   H PPY  ND GR T F L N W TH T   H V   N   M LL  N D LL RS  S TT NG MY W STP C B NK  CC  NT’.

Now, go ahead and remove all duplicate letters. 

Start from the left, pick the first letter. In our example, this would be ‘M’. 

Now move to the right looking for another ‘M’. If you see more than one, you remove all of them. 

Then, select the next letter and repeat the process until no more duplicate letters remain. 

In our example, this is what is left:

F V B K.

When you’re only left with single letters, we’re ready to move onto the next step. 

STEP 5. Using the letters left, create a shape that represents to you your desire 

You can use the letters or create something that represents the end result for you. 

This part of the process isn’t a creative component. You’re more reaching out to the universe to find the perfect visual representation of the energy of your desire manifested.

Keep feeling your statement or question and the universe will give you a visual in your mind.

If you create a shape and don’t like it, then it means that the shape created holds the energy of resistance in your subconscious. 

Keep modifying the shape until you like it, and it feels right without any negative feelings surfacing. 

Note. Your sigil can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It is entirely up to you. 

When I have successfully completed a sigil design, I feel as if the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders. 

Many of whom I’ve shared this methodology with have reported back feeling something similar. 

Once you have your design, move onto step 6. 

STEP 6. Encircle your diagram 

Draw a circle around your diagram to encapsulate it’s energy. 

What you’re doing here is establishing a domain for the energy to exist in. The circle prevents dilution, interference and contamination. 

In one word, we’re achieving ‘completion’.

STEP 7. Awaken and energise your sigil

Now take your complete sigil and hold it in your left hand. Place your right hand over the sigil. 

The left hand receives energy and the right hand gives it. When you place the sigil on the left hand, the universal flow begins to flow into the sigil from the underside. With your right hand over the sigil, you’re feeding it the energy you created in your visualisations in step 3. 

Close your eyes and once again visualise your desire as if its already happened. Re-visit the feeling of your desire being in completion. Hold this visual and feeling for at least 68 seconds. 

Now, remove your right hand, open your eyes and casually begin looking at the completed sigil in your hands. 

Look at the circle, then look at the lines and shapes that make up your completed diagram. 

Trace your eyes over the lines you’ve created, then the circle that encapsulates it. 

This simple diagram is the sigil that holds the living energy of your desires. 

Now, begin to casually gaze at the white part, within the circle. Any area within the circle that isn’t covered by lines or shapes.

Don’t pay any attention to the circle or the diagram contained within the circle. Ignore it. 

As you gaze at the white part of the sigil, you will begin to notice that your eyes begin to come out of focus, then re-focus a number of times. 

This may result in the sigil flashing or disappearing, then reappearing. 

Keep gazing at the white part of the sigil until you experience the sigil flash.

Once this happens, the energy of the sigil is awakened. Meaning, you’ve given birth to it. In other words, it now has consciousness. 

In addition, the energy, meaning, and purpose of the sigil is also imprinted in your subconscious mind. 

This sigil is now the living and visual representation of the reality you desire. One where the object of your desire already exists. 

There is also a energetic connection between you, that is the present reality, and the sigil, which is the alternative present reality. 

Congratualtions! You’re done. 

You have just delivered an instruction to your subconscious mind, into a past reality, to manifest what you desire, in an environment where no resistance to the desire exists. 

What’s next? 

Some people burn the sigil afterwards, others store it away. I, on the other hand, am not done with it just yet. 

Our subconscious mind is a store house of power, that is solely responsible for what we experience in our physical realities. 

Any thought, backed up by feeling, that is even the slighest bit energised, manifests into our reality. 

So, now that we have a direct, uninterrupted link into our subconsious mind, why not supercharge the energy of our desire? 

What I personally do, is place the sigil inside my mobile phone cover. Everytime I connect my phone to a charger, the energy of the phone being charged, also charges the Sigil, empowering it’s energy even further. 

Now all you have to do is forget about the desire and process entirely. 

Frequently asked questions to creating powerful sigils

What exactly is a Sigil?

A sigil is a visual representation of the desire you want manifested. Once awakened, the energy is living and conscious. 

Where does the power of Sigils come from? 

The diagram of the Sigil has no power until we energise it. The sigil that is created from the single letters of your affirmation or afformation is the symbol of the reality you want, however, it remains asleep until you awaken it. 

When you energise it with your left and right hands, then awaken it by gazing into it, you give it power. 

Can I use any colour pen or pencil to draw my sigil?

The colour you use is dependant on you. If my sigil is for money, I might choose to use a green pen or pencil. 

If it’s for some form of action, I might use red. It is entirely up to you. 

Using a pen or pencil will depend on what permanancy means to you. If you feel something is permanent when you use a pen, then do so. If it doesn’t matter, use whatever you prefer. I personally use either a pencil or a sharpie. 

Can I feed sigils more energy?


I charge my sigils in four ways. 

Mobile Phone Cover Method

The simplest is placing it in my mobile phone cover, and everytime I charge it, the sigil charges. 

Sun or Moon Method

Placing it out in the Sun on a hot day, or out when there is a full moon. This feeds energy directly into the Sigil empowering it significantly. 

Crystal Method

You can place a crystal like Selenite or a Super Seven right on top of the Sigil, which will feed energy directly into it. 

Radionics Method

Using a radionics device or program, you can use the Sigil as  the symbol. Run this regularly and you’ll feed energy directly into the Sigil and its reality. 

Do the use of Sigils involve demonic entities?


Sigils work like Yantras. They are simply a visual image of an energy or reality. A symbol for something. 

The Apple icon is a sigil, the McDonalds M is a sigil, the cross of Christ is a sigil, as is your signature. We’re surrounded by sigils. 

Does the size of the sigil matter? 


I make the sigil big enough to fit inside my phone cover. It’s more of convienence than anything else. 

The size of your sigil won’t impact on its level of power. 

Can I use plain paper to create my sigil?


It does not matter what you’re creating your sigil on. I know some people that engrave their sigils on copper. 

My advice is to keep it simple. Plain white paper is abundantly available and cheap. 

In conclusion

The use of sigils can transform your manifestation game and life overall. It’s a really simple, yet intensely powerful technology. 

It is extremely important that you follow all of the steps religiously. Once complete, do not over think it. Do not question if it worked or not. By doing so, you’ll be creating resistance, which will only serve to increase the time it takes to manifest. 

May you live long and prosper! 

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