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Spiritual Techniques

Manifest Love / Life Partner / God of Love Energy Field

This is our second protocol in attracting love relationships into your life. 

The first protocol is specific to attracting soul mates. 

This protocol utilises the aspect of the God of Love’s energy field that attracts romantic love into one’s life. This doesn’t evoke any entities. The energy field has the same consciousness as that of what you would consider to be the God of Love. 

Please NOTE. None of our protocols evoke entities. They are pure fields of energy. We’re stating that this field doesn’t evoke entities, because we have put ‘God of Love’ in the title.

The attraction is achieved by matching your vibration with the love you seek. 

We recommend you spend some time thinking about, and writing down, the traits you’re seeking in a romantic partner. 

Focus on how you want to feel with this person in your life. Consider your own life, your habits, your hobbies, and how you want this person to fit into your life. 

Once you have a definitive list, read it to yourself, envision feeling how you want to feel with this person in your life, whilst the file is playing. 

You can recite statements like ‘Dear energy, please bring me the love that I seek in my life’, before or after you read through your list. 

When finishing up, end with gratitude to the Universe. You can do this in your own way. A simple thank you is plenty. The gratitude achieves completion of your desire. 

Listening once or twice a day, through speakers, is plenty. 

Our advanced version is fairly potent in it’s intensity and consciousness, maximising at about 700% of the Youtube version. We’ve also added boosting self love. When we love ourselves, the attraction from others also increases dramatically. 

We recommend listening to either version, daily, until you meet the partner you’ve been seeking. 

Stay Blessed!

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