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Healing Frequencies

DIY Biokinesis & Powerful Booster MP3

This is the official release of the DIY Biokinesis file, which has been tweaked, and upgraded to enhance the booster aspect.

One can use this file to force physical / glamour changes to the body. There are no restrictions to what can be achieved with this file.

Anything that nature allows, is possible with the use of this file.

Simple play this file, whilst visualising, imagining, looking at a picture of the change you want, or simply speaking the changes to the energies and your subconscious mind.

In addition, this file can be used as an extremely powerful booster to power up any other subliminal, energy or morphic file you’re listening to, made by any producer.

This will not only compliment those workings, it will add tremendous power to it, as well as, force the process of manifestation to happen.

Listen to this file separate from those other files. Do not overlap them. You do not need to listen right before or after any other files. Just by listening to this, any time of day, you will automatically be boosting the effects of those other files.

There is only one instruction: increase your water intake to atleast 2.5 litres to upregulated the energies, help the body detox, and keep the body hydrated.

Headphones are not required.

There is an advanced version in the store, which is about 300% the power of the Youtube version.

In addition, the advanced version has 600% the ‘force manifestation protocol’ power of the free version.

WARNING! Before you download this file, I’d like to stress that my files are built to be powerful. These are not meant to be listened to on loop, as it can overwhelm the body. Please use this file responsibly. Listening to it 2 – 3 times, throughout the day, is more than enough. These files are built to deliver results with just one listen.

If you happen to be overwhelmed by over listening, stand on grass for a few minutes, bare foot, and ground yourself.

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