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Spiritual Techniques

Energy Signature of Source MP3

This is one of my favourite releases. It is the actual energy signature of Source, from which the entire physical universe, and everything contained within, including us, originate from. 

I came across it completely by accident, in my search for the energy signature of our Universe. 

You’re probably thinking “isn’t Source and the Universe the same thing?”. Technically, yes, but not in the way you may think. 

Just as your parents are the source of your physical self and that of your siblings, you and your siblings are not your parents. 

In the same way, the Universe originated from Source, but remains as a separate existence. 

The main difference is in the manner in which it exists. The physical Universe is consciousness, and Source is awareness. It does not have its own consciousness. 

It is that point, right before creation. I was shown this during a meditation session.

Since Source has no consciousness, you cannot communicate with it, however, you can experience it’s vibration, via its energy signature. 

Use this file during your meditation sessions. Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, whilst you play this file on low volume. 

I find my files are more effective without using headphones. 

Please do not overuse this file or any of my files. Do not loop this file overnight. The energies might be too intense for your physical body to handle. 

An advance version is available for purchase in the store, for those seeking to fast track their spiritual development. 

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