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Healing Frequencies

Dementia – Energy Healing Protocol (MP3 Included)

We’re living in a world with an ageing population, and usually, with age, comes a decline in health, which can lead to dementia. 

For families, it can be a very painful experience to observe their loved ones suffering from dementia. 

Dementia can affect people of any age, however, it is more common amongst the elderly, over 65 years of age. 

World health statistics reveal that dementia presently affects about 50 million people worldwide, and this number is projected to grow to 130 million by 2050. 

Dementia, in itself, isn’t a disease. It is a collection of symptoms from a group of illnesses, which result in a gradual decline in a persons functioning. 

This may include a decline in physical functioning in various parts of the body, memory, intellect, rational thought, and even social skills. 

This energy formulation is designed to restore full functionality of the human self, using the energy of the original human blueprint. This blueprint is accessed through each individuals higher selves. 

Dementia does not have a single cause, hence, this energy protocol is built to be intuitive, to target and restore the functionality that is in decline for the individual. 

Play this file on medium to low volume to suit the preference of the individual suffering from dementia. 

The advanced version comes in two formats:

  1. With music, at 500% increase in energy output. 
  2. A silent version, using a subtle delivery system. This version length has been increased to 21 minutes, in-order to make it easier for the carer to play this file.

The silent advanced version is best played when the individual is sleeping. The body is more receptive to healing energies when we’re in a restful state. 

One of our listeners has mentioned that her Father, who suffers from dementia, finds the cellular relaxation file helpful in calming the mind and body, and falling off to sleep. This maybe helpful to you.

This file is best used without headphones. 

You may play this file for your loved one, 2 – 3 times a day. 


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