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Spiritual Techniques

Heart Chakra Cleansing 

The heart chakra is possibly the most sensitive out of all of our major chakras, and also happens to be the most important when it comes to manifesting our desires. 

Unfortunately, due to its highly sensitive nature, it tends to close easily and remain closed unless we consciously practice gratitude and compassion on a regular basis. 

With a closed heart chakra, manifestation of our desires is almost impossible. This maybe one of the major reasons why some people get results and some don’t.

A closed heart chakra will impact on all areas of our lives. 

We’re releasing a protocol focused specifically on the heart chakra.

The protocol utilises the energy field of the Kakini energy, known as the energy of the heart.

The consciousness of this energy is referred to as a Goddess, or the gatekeeper of the heart chakra. 

By working with this energy field, as part of our daily practice, we can cleanse and keep our heart chakra open and functional. 

The reason why we’ve decided on this particular field is because this energy is natural to the heart, and using the gatekeeper energy will ensure that the heart chakra is also protected from external energies. 

We highly recommend meditating with this field daily, or at least a few times a week, focusing on the heart centre. 

You can also use the 7 chakras protocol before using this protocol in your daily practice. 

Our advanced version combines the most intense form of the Youtube version, maximising the consciousness and potency by about 400%, with the vibrational output of the ‘Ong So Hung’ mantra energised to 1008x repetitions.

We recommend playing this protocol through speakers, exposing the front and back of the heart chakra to the energy field. 

Meditating with this protocol 1 – 2 plays, per day, is more than enough. 

In 2023, this protocol should be a key part of your daily practice. 

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