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Spiritual Techniques

The Empath Protocol: Wealth, Joy, Peace and Liberation

If you’re highly sensitive, can feel others emotions, easily absorb others problems, are easily drained when interacting with others, struggle to exist in the material world, then chances are, you’re an empath.

Empaths are the quiet sufferers of this world. We can feel everything from the vibrations of spaces, to natural disasters, to general suffering, to that of individuals, even the vibrations of an individual’s thoughts and feelings. 

We find ourselves stuck in the material world, surrounded by people of varying vibrations, interacting with whom, almost certainly drains us of our life force. 

As a result, many empaths begin to adopt an ever increasing negative view of this world. You must understand, this negativity isn’t coming from you. It is the negative energy you absorb from the people who drain you. 

Yes, we can shield ourselves, but that doesn’t change who we are inside. Empaths never learn. It’s who we are. The moment we feel sympathy for someone, energetic cords attach, and we’re back to giving them our life force.

Most empaths struggle to find any balance between generating wealth in the material world, finding any inner joy or peace being in this world, and spiritual practices that will lead them to liberation. 

Plus, empaths tend to be the greatest victims of narcissists and organic portals (soulless humans). Even when we recognise someone to be a narc or an organic portal, we will still go out of our way to help them. 

Side Note. Yes, not all humans have a soul. Some are part of a group soul, and at least 50% don’t have a soul. They are the ones that give meaning to the statement: ‘you only live once’. 

Organic portals are what you could also refer to as energy vampires. They drain life force from soul’d beings. 

This protocol combines multiple energy fields, designed to provide some relief to empaths.

The protocol establishes a higher vibration around you, so that it becomes easier to attract wealth, find some inner balance so that you can feel joy and peace in your own vibration, and finally, daily or regular use will help you achieve liberation in this lifetime. 

I sought out to create this protocol, as more and more people are beginning to spiritually evolve, and find themselves awakened in an illusionary rat race that serves no other purpose than to drain them of their essence. 

If you believe in a God, or a concept of Source, then communicate with this Source when you’re meditating with this file. Request help in all areas of your life. 

Then, establish a plan and practice for yourself, that will allow you to live well materially, as well as, spiritually. Let the vibrations of this protocol guide your path. 

For example, about eight years ago I realised that I couldn’t continue seeing clients as a Financial Adviser, and so, I stopped practicing and have traded only for myself ever since.  I work from home, hence I am no longer having to engage directly with the number of people I used to. Working for myself allows me to limit external exposure.

Either meditate, or sit quietly, with this file playing. Relax your body and try to be in the moment. Play this file once or twice in the morning and afternoon. If you use the advanced version, play it just once in the AM and PM. I recommend through speakers. 

In addition, I highly recommend that empaths practice some sort of self clearing process daily. This may either be taking salt showers, to using a pendulum to clear their energies daily. 

It is always best to shield oneself immediately after clearing yourself. You may use the 21 or 108 shield protocols for this purpose. 

Empaths also find their spirit easily pulled outside of their bodies, hence, it will be beneficial, if you engage in the following practice daily to pull your spirit back into your body, into the present moment. 

Stand up straight on your feet, noticing whether you’re leaning forward, backwards, or if your weight is balanced in the centre. 

If you are leaning forward, your spirit is leaning outside of your body. The same is true if you’re leaning backwards. 

Whilst standing, repeat the following:

“My spirit is now fully back in my body, right now, and so it is”. You might need to repeat this statement a few times. 

What you should feel is your weight rebalancing back into the centre. 

This entire process should take you no more than a minute. 

Next, close your eyes, and either visualise or instruct your aura to come back to about an inch of your physical body. This happens instantaneously .

Do this daily. 

Note. Although this file has been built for empaths, anyone can use it. 

As always, an advanced version is available in the site store, for those that would like something a little more powerful. It will be made available for $1.11, permanently. 

The advanced version increases the intensity of the energy fields in the protocol. When energy tested, it amounts to about 300% the power and intelligence of the Youtube Version. Please use this version wisely, as there are multiple energy fields in this protocol. Listening once in the morning and once in the evening is enough. 

Play through speakers. 

Finally, all empaths should be consuming 2.5 – 3 litres of water daily. You will naturally be detoxing more than others, as you process a lot more energy.

I hope this file makes life a little more bearable, and a lot more liveable. 

Stay blessed!

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