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Spiritual Techniques

Become ALPHA (The Alpha Code)

Welcome to the Alpha Protocol

The problem with the world today is that we have too many ‘Beta’ and ‘Omega’ types, and not enough ‘Alphas’. 

Put another way, there are too many followers and not enough true leaders. 

The Alpha type, have high levels of self confidence and self esteem. They know what they want and are clear on their ability to obtain it. 

An Alpha:

  • Is courages.
  • Is ambitious.
  • Has purpose in their lives.
  • Has control over their emotions and faculties.
  • Their presence commands attention and respect. 
  • Is not swayed by tough decisions. 
  • Never afraid to express themselves. 
  • Is always a leader, never a follower. 
  • Is the ruler of their own lives. 
  • Maintains his/her health.
  • Never afraid to say ‘no’.
  • Determined to achieve, and never swayed by fear. 
  • Highly focused on their goals, solutions, and on what needs to be done. 
  • Highly attractive to the opposite sex.

This protocol is designed to transform any Beta / Omega man or woman, into an Alpha Male / Female. 

This protocol was created by sourcing the actual energy signature of being an Alpha, and subsequently, led to the discovery of the ‘Alpha Code’ in the human blueprint. 

The code is akin to a new operating system, downloaded from the human blueprint, and assimilated with your own energetic makeup, to form the new you, that exerts the above listed qualities. 

At our core, everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The alpha code will create energetic shifts in your vibration, which will change the way you look at, and feel about, the world, life, and yourself. 

Not only will you, but so will those around you, and the environment you exist in, notice your transformation.

There is nothing wrong with living as a Beta or Omega, but it goes without saying, unless you experience being an Alpha, you don’t know what living truly is. 

Listen to this file 2 – 5 times daily, spread out throughout the day. It gets addictive. So be careful.

Please do not loop any of the Spirituality Zone releases, as all of our files, including the Youtube releases are built to be potent. 

An advanced version is available in the store, for those who would like a much stronger version (1000%+).

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