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Spiritual Techniques

12 Dimensional Structures of Human Existence

This multi protocol formulation is modelled on the Urja mantra, that was released by DhyaanGuru on his channel some time ago. 

This is not part of the mantra energy series, nor is this the energy output of the Urja mantra. It is only modelled upon it. 

The reason is that the Urja mantra works to balance and perfect the 12 dimensional structure of human existence. When energy testing the mantra itself, as Dhyaanguru has released it, I found inconsistencies in the energy output. 

So, instead of replicating the energy output of the mantra, I decided to re-create and combine the original blueprint of each of the 12 dimensional structures of human existence. 

The effect should be more pronounced, and most importantly, consistent. 

Please also note, that this isn’t the power of the 12 spiritual dimensions. It is the dimensional structure of human existence. 

So, what exactly is the 12 dimensional structure of human existence? 

It is the complete energetic makeup of our existence and experience in human form. This energetic makeup comes in 12 forms, or the combination of 12 energies or energy fields. 

The first 10 dimensional structures cover the physical, spiritual, psychological, social, consciousness, intellectual, emotional, environmental, occupational and financial. 

The final two, cover the Universe (Source of cosmic energy), and the I Am. 

These energies converge to create our entire human experience. 

The Urja Mantra, and now this formulation, works to energise, empower, bring balance to, and complete the energy fields of each of the 12 dimensions of our human structure. 

You can use this file to bring balance to your lives. 

As always, each creation is highly intuitive, which means that you can work with the energies directly to effect the overall, or parts of your life, related to each of the 12 dimensional structures. 

The best way is to meditate with the file, mentally or verbally engaging with the energies to bring into balance segments of your life that need attention. 

Doing this, will balance the energy of all 12 dimensional structures within your vibration, which will then affect your external reality. 

You may play this file 2 – 3 times as you meditate. 

In the advanced version, I’ve pushed the potency and intelligence of each of the 12 protocols, to as far as I could. In energy testing, the first 10 dimensional structures are at about 900% the potency and intelligence, and the final two are at about 500%.

This allows for more intelligent work to be done on yourself. 

The use of this file maybe energetically taxing, as it will work on every aspect of your existence, so, please increase your consumption of water. 

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