Become ALPHA (Alpha Code – Advanced Version)




Possibly, my absolute favourite creation – ‘Become Alpha (Alpha Code)’. The advanced version is 1000% the energy output of the Youtube version, tremendously increasing the speed and power level of energy assimilation.

Please be careful not to overuse the advanced version as the energies can be addictive.  You will really begin to love the new you. Play this file only about 3 times a day. You can listen more times, but spread out throughout the day.

If you’re listening to other files, then cut back on their use for a little while. Do not place this into a playlist. Use it separately.

Please sure you increase water intake to between 2 – 3 litres daily. There will be a lot of energy flowing.

Shiva Krishnan

Shiva has been a spiritual researcher for over three decades, constantly seeking ancient and modern spiritual knowledge and methodologies. Every bit of knowledge contained within this site has been personally tried and tested.

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