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Spiritual Techniques

Wealth Extreme Sri Suktam Energised 108x

This file is a true gift from the Goddess of Wealth, the divine mother, herself. This is an energy that cannot be replicated, unless the divine mother herself gives her approval. 

Sri Suktam is a divine hymn that is in praise of the Goddess of Wealth herself. When it is recited or heard, the consciousness or vibration of the Goddess is present around you. 

The secret to manifestation is becoming the vibration of that which you desire. The Sri Suktam evokes the literal vibration of wealth and all that it represents. 

As you play this file, you’re assimilating this vibration of wealth with your own vibration. At the same time, you’re establishing a connection with the divine mother. This latter part is the main difference between the seed mantra Shreem, and the Sri Suktam. You literally obtain an audience with the Goddess of Wealth. 

Please note. When I speak of the divine mother, I am talking about the divine feminine energy that is connected to Source, above all religions. So, your faith does not matter, and using this file will not interfere with your faith. 

There is a simple meditation that accompanies the use of this file, which places the consciousness of the divine feminine, right in front of you, allowing you to speak directly with her. 

When playing this file, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on the lap of the divine masculine, whilst the divine feminine sits smiling before you. 

If this is difficult for you to do, imagine yourself sitting on your fathers lap, as your mother sits in front of you, smiling lovingly at you. 

As you envision or imagine this, watch her bless you with her loving smile. Imagine golden orbs of light emanating from her body, absorbing into you. 

At this point, I encourage you to speak to her, telling her all of your problems, and as you do, feeling your body become lighter as all of your burdens are lifted off of you. Then, tell her the life you want to live, the areas of your life where you seek her help, blessings or guidance. 

The vibration of the Sri Suktam has the potential of solving all of your material problems, including that which disturbs the human experience, such as health and mental anguish. 

When I first began to spiritually awaken, my solace was found only in deep meditation. It would be in this state that I would hear – “When all else in the material world has failed you, place yourself and all of your troubles in the hands of the divine mother”. 

This has proven to always be correct for me. 

Once the file has ended, stay in your meditative state for as long as you wish, then open your eyes and go about your day. 

Listening to this file once a day is more than enough. As always, play this file through speakers and not headphones. Expose the vibration of the energy field to your entire body and environment. 

The Youtube version has the energy output equivalent of reciting the Sri Suktam 108 times. 

The advanced version has the energy output equivalent of reciting the Sri Suktam 1008 times. 

Both files are immensely powerful, so please do not overuse the files. Again, listening once a day is enough. 

The best time of day to listen would be whenever you are calm and able to meditate in silence for 10 minutes or so. 

Stay blessed!

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