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Make Any Wish Come True Quickly: Rapid Wish Manifestation Guide + MP3

A study of human psychology tells us that humans make wishes, when what they desire accompanies an inherent belief, that the object of their desire is not possible for them to easily attain through their own efforts. 

What we can’t easily obtain, or is outside of our control, we ‘wish for’ rather than go out and get. 

What we’re seeking here is some sort of supernatural intervention. A higher power or energy that can step in on our behalf and force our wishes to manifest into our reality. 

Rapid manifestation of any wish, requires the presence of three things:

  • Visualisation of the wish you want fulfilled. If you can’t visualise with clarity, imagine.
  • An openness for change to occur, plus a feeling of gratitude in the wish having come to pass. 
  • Tremendous amounts of energy pumped into the wish (supernatural intervention).

And, the absence of one:

  • Subconscious resistance.

Rapid Wish Manifestation Guide:

Wish formulation

Think of a simple wish you desire to come true. 

More importantly, you need to be sure that this is what you truly want with all your heart. 

I want you to spend a few minutes contemplating on your desire. Ask yourself a number of times:

“Is this what I truly want?”.

Be conscious of the feeling this question evokes. If you feel good about it, then we’re good to go. If not, chances are this doesn’t align with your soul’s desire. 

Why is this important? 

If the wish isn’t a true desire, you’ll naturally create subconscious resistance, which will increase the time it takes to manifest this wish. 

If you tend to be impatient, break your wish down into smaller segments. The simpler the wish is, the quicker it will manifest. 

If you want to be wealthy, start by wishing for a few thousand dollars first, then build upon that over a period of time. Don’t wish for a million dollars straight away. You need to build momentum. 

If you want someone to love you, maybe wish for that person to notice and acknowledge you first, then build upon that. 

Examples of wishes:

If I was to make a wish for my website, I would write something like:

“I wish that everyone, who can benefit from my energy formulations and the knowledge contained in my articles, be drawn to the spiritualityzone.com website, and Youtube channel immediately”.

If I was making a wish for being successful in a job application, I would write the following:

“I wish that the planetary energies positively bless and influence the 10th house of my natal charts. I wish that HR and all of the decision makers become instantly impressed with my resume and my performance during the interview. I wish that I am quickly offered the position of…”. 

This is one overall wish that is broken down into smaller segments. The energy will flow into all of these segments simultaneously. 

So, instead of going straight to getting the job, we’re also ensuring that the planets help you, HR love you, your resume stands out amongst hundreds of other applicants, etc. All of this builds the energy of the actual, final wish quicker. 

I encourage you to write your wish out, using clear concise words to describe your wish and the outcome you seek. Read, and re-read, and if necessary, re-write your wish until you are happy with what you’ve written. 

The wish written out will be helpful during the visualisation process. 

The Wish Visualisation 

Not all of us have the inherent ability of being able to visualise with clarity. However, this talent can be achieved through practice. 

In the meantime, if you can’t visualise, imagine as much as you can. Lose yourself in thought of how amazing your life will be if your wish were to become a part of your everyday reality. 

If you’re wishing for an object, visualise the object itself. 

For example, if you’re wishing for a handbag, you would visualise the brand, the look, colour, size, straps, and if possible, the touch and feel of having the handbag. 

I would go far as to visualise how the decision makers think and feel about you having the handbag.

By this, I mean, if your wish is to be gifted the handbag, then think about the person most likely to buy it for you, and visualise this person thinking positively towards buying it for you. 

If you find it difficult to both visualise or imagine, then simply thinking about your wish in detail will suffice. 

This is where your written description will come in handy. Hence, why it is important for you to write your wish down in as much detail as possible. 

For you to enhance your ability to visualise, I suggest combining some of the techniques I’ve stated in the manifestation article, especially the black square meditation, plus, spending 10 minutes daily sitting in your bedroom, trying to replicate in your minds eye, the exact look of your room. Start with  the look of the carpet, to the bed, bedroom door, prints on the wall, to even the colour of the walls. 

You can do this with any room or object. The importance is in discipline and replicating as much of the object in your mind as possible. 

If you would like to increase your manifestation ability:

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Supernatural Intervention – Spirituality Zone MP3

The supernatural intervention isn’t intervention by a supreme authority or being, but, pure energy. 

This energy file will pour tremendous amounts of energy into anything that you wish for whilst this file is playing (In under 4 minutes). This is the critical ingredient to the wish making process. 

In addition to charging your wish with tremendous energy, this file will also work at removing your subconscious blocks.

If you can visualise your wish having come to pass, or be able to feel what it may feel like when the wish has been accomplished, this energy will work miracles for you. 

Stick to one wish at a time, and be realistic with it. Simple wishes will naturally manifest quicker. 

Listen, with or without headphones, at least 3 times a day, at different times, until your wish has been achieved. 

Please note. This file will only enhance specific wishe you make whilst listening to it. It won’t energise random thoughts or feelings. You will have to specify what you want either in clear words or visualisation. 


Over a 10 year period, I’ve tested the above ‘Wish Manifestation Process’, with and without the use of pouring of tremendous amounts of energy into the wish. 

Beyond the energy itself, the main issue in the delay of manifestation of the wish, has been the lack of openness to change. When listening to this file, open your mind, thoughts and feelings to expecting the change to occur. 

I’m not talking about blind faith here. I am talking about knowing that changes can occur, and will occur for you. 

Make Any Wish Come True Quickly – MP3

Play this audio file, with or without headphones, 3 times a day.

Best times would be in the morning as you awaken, and once before you fall off to sleep.

If you meditate, I would also listen to this file at least once after meditation.

Whilst listening, speak or think the wish as you’ve written it down, or visualise the wish you seek.

You can go further and communicate with the energy itself. Ask it to make your desire come true, then speak the wish itself.

Continue listening to this file daily until your wish is fulfilled.

Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

Advance version of this file now available in the store. Comes in two versions – music and silent.

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