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Spiritual Techniques

Existence Beyond Maya the Illusion

This protocol is the energy field of the awareness that sits outside of the veil of ignorance. Within the veil of ignorance, everything is an illusion. 

Please note, this file is not for everyone. Daily use will gradually pull your consciousness out of this existence, which will lead to a state of non-attachment, hence this file is only for true spiritual seekers. 

For those that do wish to walk this path, please use the Youtube version first, then, when you feel you are ready to go further, only then consider purchasing the advanced version

Initially, the effects are subtle, unwinding active energy of your entire existence, across all time, space, dimensions, lifetimes, and realities. Eventually, there will be a sudden pull, where you feel completely detached from the material world around you. 

The unwinding of active energy is also known as spiritual detachment. This detachment happens with everything, including all desires, ambitions, etc. 

We’re not talking about a lack of ambition and motivation that most people have in life. We’re speaking more about an inner knowing that all existence is illusionary, and hence, the only true goal is self realisation and oneness with the absolute truth.

As you continue to meditate to this file, you will gradually find yourself recognising all of material existence as being an illusion, a reality with no substance. This will cause disruption to life as you know it. It will cause you to question everything. 

Eventually, you reach a state of existence that sits outside of the material world. 

It is the state a Yogi reaches, once he/she has renounced the world. 

It is the process via which one goes from a dualistic state of existence, to complete Source realisation. 

If you know within, that you are not ready to denounce everything, then please do not use this file. The other spiritual files on this channel would be better suited.

I have walked this path in the past, and had to stop. It felt like a magnetic force pulling me out of this reality. It has now been almost 2 decades, and I am still existing in a semi detached state. 

There is nothing more to be explained about this file. It has to be experienced. 

The instructions are to simply meditate with the file, once or twice a day, sitting upright, in a chair or on the floor. 

It is also beneficial to place your hands on your knees, with palms facing up. This will ensure breath flows from the diaphragm. 

Join the tips of your thumb and forefinger. Keep the remaining fingers straight. This is called the ‘Gyan’ Mudra. ‘Gyan’, means knowledge. This Mudra facilitates the flow of energy, especially into the higher chakras, and helps to maintain focus. 

The best time would be between 4 – 6 in the morning, or after 9pm, in silence, and preferably with an empty stomach.

Play the file in low volume, using speakers or headphones. 

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