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Create $2 Million in 2022 Advanced (Experimental)




The advanced version contains the same energy output of the afformation as the Youtube version, however, adds the following to the process:

  1. Our astral disruption technique, which disrupts the energy of the status quo. Just as we loosen the soil before we set out to plant something new into the ground, this technique loosens the dense energies of your present state. 
  2. A field of energy that temporarily weakens all of the resistance to the statement you’re reciting. This is an extremely important addition. We’re attempting to weaken the resistance created by karma, the planets, and the forces that keep us restricted in the human state. This weakening of resistance will last only about 15 minutes or so. Long enough for you to complete your 40 repetitions.
  3. An energy weaving technique used to weave the field of energy that represents the sum of 2 million US dollars into your vibration. 
  4. Using the same energy weaving technique to weave the same field of energy of the 2 million dollars, into the energy body of the time period that exists from this present moment till the end of the year 2022. This time period is unique to each person. 

Follow the same instructions as outlined in the article.