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Remove Unhappiness (Advanced)




The advanced version is a multiple field program, which maximises the Youtube version at just over 1100% in energy potency and consciousness. We’re utilising our subtle delivery system, lowering the energy delivery and impact on the body. The energy protocol also maximises the connection with your body intelligence and your Higher Self. We recommend conversing with the Higher Self, as it will be the one guiding this process for you.

The advanced version works at dissolving the energy and anchors of unhappiness across all lifetimes, and all layers of yourself. Only you can limit how far this protocol can go.

We’ve also added the energy fields of self love and happiness. When you’re clearing the energy of unhappiness, the spaces will be filled with the energy fields of self love and happiness. Both these fields are at their maximum potency and consciousness levels. You can engage with both of these fields. The Self Love energy field can reveal a great deal about yourself.

We recommend only one session per day with this protocol, playing once or twice only. Allow the body and brain to process whatever surfaces. Take these things slowly.

Play through speakers.

Drink plenty of water.