Digital Bach Rescue Remedy Advanced Version MP3


Digital ‘Bach Rescue Remedy’ Advanced Version

If you suffer from more intense panic attacks and anxiety neurosis, and the mild version isn’t strong enough for your needs, you can purchase the advanced version for $21, which:

  1. Multiplies the energy of our digital Bach Rescue Remedy Mild Version by 300%, delivering the equivalent of 21 drops of the liquid Bach Rescue Remedy.
  2. Adds the positive effects of a full dose equivalence of Xanax, without any negative side effects.
  3. Boosts serotonin production in the body by 200%.
  4. Adds the full support of the master healer in the quartz crystal family – the stress relieving living energy of the Amethyst crystal.
  5. And blocks all external energy that might be affecting you by placing a powerful shield around you.

Please read the full description prior to purchase. You will be able to download the MP3 file immediately after purchase.


Full product description available here:

Bach Flower Essence: Rescue Remedy Formulation (Morphogenic Field)

Shiva Krishnan

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