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Boost Business Sales (Advanced Version)




This is the advanced version of the ‘Boost Business Sales’ formulation. This file packs a punch, with an increase of energy output by 2000%.

This file is ideal for SMEs,  localised brick and mortar style businesses, contractors, and online businesses.

It will help to consciously communicate with the energies about your business, and ask for the energies to help bring in your ideal, profiled customers, that are ready to transact.

Play this file, through speakers, 1 – 3 times, spread out throughout the day.

During one of those times, close your eyes and visualise or imagine golden light emanating from you or your place of business, spreading outwardly covering the area where your customers reside. This step is not necessary, however, will tremendously help in boosting results.

If you would like to purchase the business series bundle, it is available here.