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Spiritual Techniques

Universe! I am OPEN and READY for you to start conspiring in my favour, to make my dreams come true! 

There are 1440 minutes in a 24hr period. If we sleep for 8 of those hours, we’re left with 960 minutes. 

How many of these minutes, do you spend consciously focusing upon what you truly desire? 

In this protocol, we’re energising 3 minutes, out of the 960 minutes you have, to consciously communicate a single, yet powerful, message to the Universe, which is to say:

“I am Open and Ready for you to start conspiring in my favour, to make my dreams come true”.

Spend a few minutes ‘feeling’ what this statement means to you. 

For some of you, this statement may represent relinquishing the burden of becoming successful in life, allowing the universe to consciously become active in your life. 

Listen to this file, once a day, whilst you contemplate your dreams. Consider what your life would be like, if your desire was fulfilled. 

How would you feel? Can you imagine it? 

Some people are more attached to the idea of having, instead of really having. 

If you feel guided to, you can recite the statement as well, whilst the file is playing. Say it three times, beginning with ‘Dear Universe…I am Open and Ready for you to start conspiring in my favour, to make my dreams come true’.

If you like, place your right hand on your heart centre. This will pump this energy into your heart centre. 

This is similar to you asking the universe to show you that you are loved. 

We have an advanced version, which maximises the potency of this energy field, but also makes conscious, the energy of your environment, for 3 minutes. This way, you are literally, speaking this statement to your conscious universe. 

The advanced file will forever be available for just $1. 

The best time to listen and recite the statement, would be before retiring to sleep. If you combine this with consciously thinking about having your desires, living your dreams, then your subconscious will align, as you sleep. 

Playing the file consciously, once, is more than enough. 

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