The Vibration of A Multi-Millionaire

This is a simple, yet powerful protocol that replicates the vibration of a multi-millionaire, and as you listen, assimilates this vibration with yours. 

For those that have already purchased the ‘Advanced Wealth Program’, this protocol is already built into that, in a diluted form. 

You might have heard of the saying “fake it till you make it”. The purpose behind faking it is in trying to replicate the vibration, long enough for you to become it. 

In the same way, you would have heard of the saying “You are the average of 5 people that surround you most often”. This also has to do with matching and assimilating vibrations. 

Using this protocol, you can bypass the need to model others, or to fake it. This file will assimilate your vibrations with that of a multi-millionaire. 

The ‘Law of Attraction’ – something a lot of people struggle with, is all about becoming the vibration that you seek to attract. 

At any given moment, the universe is responding to your vibration. When you make a change to your vibration, the universe will respond to this new vibration, immediately.

This is how we change our lives. 

And this is exactly how this file works.

Like with all of my formulations, it is best to work consciously with the energies they contain. 

Listen to this file daily, at least 2 – 3 times, at different times of the day, whilst you’re working towards your goal of becoming a multi-millionaire. 

It would help if you established this goal now, with a time frame. 

For example, it’s February 2021. Create a goal to establish a net worth of 2 – 3 million dollars by 2023. Choose a specific month. 

Then, whilst listening to this file, ask yourself something like:

“How did I create a net worth of 2 million dollars so quickly?”. 

Keep contemplating this question over and over, for the full length of this file. 

I would highly recommend you do this before going to bed. Chances are you will begin the process of discovering pathways to fulfilling this goal, as you sleep. 

As you’re engaging in this process, the vibration in this file, will cause ripples of disruption in the astral, causing responses from the universe to make corrections to your present status, to rapidly establish your net worth and multi-millionaire status. 

How quickly this works, will depend on how much conscious effort you put into this process. 

Make the process of becoming a millionaire, a part of your daily routine. Engage in thought, research, and study, in the discovery of ways in which to generate wealth. 

There is an advanced version available in the store that increases the energy output by 1000%.

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