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Spiritual Techniques

The Source Interception

We’ve been experiencing a degradation of the quality of human life for some time now, certainly well before the advent of the Coronavirus. 

Covid, and the subsequent changes to the way we live our lives, have certainly made the situation much worse. 

Technology has certainly made life easier, and certainly more connected, however, there has never been more disconnection with reality. 

We find ourselves being able to connect with people all over the world, but the inner loneliness grows more intense by the day. 

More and more people are finding it more difficult to survive the expectations of modern life. The emails I receive daily, are certainly testament to the sad and difficult lives so many people live. 

I am hoping our files help to alleviate some of the difficulties of life. 

Just as a person’s reality can be determined by analysing their energy signature, so can we determine the collective energy of everyone on Gaia (Earth), by analysing her energy grid. 

I’ve been feeling these changes in the Earth’s energy grid for a number of years. These past 14 months have certainly been exceptionally difficult. 

The bad news is, that I don’t see it improving anytime soon.

Some two decades ago, when I first started to actively journey into the astral world, I noticed that a number of Individuals around the world, regularly engaged in the act of clearing and healing the Earth’s grid. 

Some of these people are highly evolved beings. Not all are human. 

So, I too, began conducting regular meditation sessions, where I help heal the Earth’s Grid, and the energy of individual countries. 

I am finding that this now seems a lot more difficult, with so much more suffering, and so I began meditating with Source, to seek out a better solution, not just for Earth, but also on an individual level.

When Source communicates, it does so through vibratory light. 

A side note. Many people, when meditating or seeking spiritual development, or results, often seek gratification immediately, but the truth is, that it can take months, and sometimes even years.

I began seeking guidance from Source in the middle end of 2020, and only managed to receive a response I could recognise, in March of 2021. 

What I was given, was two waves of light. The first, a subtle, light, golden / whitish light. And, the second a deep darkish blue.

Both waves of light, although seem to exist as two separate intelligences, exist in unison with each other. 

I’ve been working with this light, studying its energy signature and communicating with it to discover its purpose and uses. 

This energy field, is not only an intelligence of Source, but also its love and warmth. I believe these represent the two waves. 

Its purpose is not to intervene in our lives, but to intercept US. Like being enveloped by a warm loving hug. The kind that makes you feel that all will be okay, and provides solutions as you lay in its embrace. 

Life is lonely enough. This energy is the Source companion we all need, at times when we find ourselves the most vulnerable. 

I’ve created two versions of this energy field. 

The Youtube version is the original subtle version of the energy field. I have not enhanced it in anyway. 

I’ve left it this way so everyone can experience the original energy. 

For those not too spiritually advanced, please just know that the energy field is present. You can still follow the instructions of use. 

The Advanced version has been tremendously enhanced, about 10x the vibratory signature, plus, I have added the capability of burning all of the problems of life you speak, whilst the file is being played. 

(Naturally, we’re going to try and take as much advantage of the Source vibratory light, and all its uses).

Instructions of use:

You may use this file with or without meditating. I still recommend that you do meditate to this file at least 2 – 3 times a week. It will make a world of difference. 

When playing this file, I want you to speak out all of the struggles you’re having with life, just as you would with your best friend. Let your frustrations out. 

Do this daily, as if you’re writing a daily diary. 

You can address the energies as ‘Source’, or ‘Dear Source’, or any other name that feels right to you. I’ve been unconsciously calling it ‘Ma’. 

Then, speak out your dreams. All of the little wonderful moments you want in your life. You can go into as much detail as you wish. Speak as if you’re explaining to your best friend or a loved ones that life you dream to live. Be as real as you possibly can. 

Remember, this vibration comes directly from Source, so it has access to all of the forces of creation, like attraction, creation, even destruction. 

This field will help you become the you, you wish to live. It will not leave you. 

Play it daily, a few times, or more if needed, especially the Youtube version, as its energies are subtle. 

Play the file if you need guidance, need consoling, need to talk to someone. Play it when you’re down, when you’re excited, when you need to bounce ideas off someone. 

Play it anytime you need someone or something. 

This is Source Intercepting us. 

The advanced version will allow you to engage more consciously with the intelligence of the file. Plus, when you’re doing your ‘daily diary’ part, where you’re speaking your daily frustrations to it, the file will help burn these energies off, literally taking the burden from you. 

If you do purchase the advanced version, may I ask that you play it through speakers, allowing the energies to flow outwardly into the environment. 

For those that are able to visualise, you can visualise etheric cords connecting the speakers to buildings, the ground, your country, enveloping hospitals in your city or country, or going straight up into the sky, or deep into the ground and connecting with the grid and everything within. 

If you’re not able to, not to worry, I have begun connecting this energy into Earth’s grid, daily. 

Besides the above, there are no other instructions. Play it as you wish, with or without headphones, or at anytime of day or night. 

How many times you use it, I’m leaving to you. Just don’t loop it. 

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