The MOTHER of all Boosters: How to make any subliminal, morphic or energy file manifest faster

That isn’t entirely correct. 

This file is the baby booster. The Mother is the advanced file, at 1000% the energy of this file.

This file doesn’t use any subliminals. It is pure energy. 

It also bypasses the limitations established in the subconscious mind. 

Here, we’re not in the business of trying to convince the subconscious mind. We’re going to blast right past it. 

All of my files focus on the end result, and not the science of how to get there. We map the energy signature of the end result, then transcend all space and time. 

We’re not doing anything different here. 

Questions about to be FREQUENTLY asked!

How does this booster work?

This booster is designed to give you the power of creation. You get to create what you desire. 

That desire can be absolutely anything. 

We achieve this by tapping into the divine feminine energy of creation. It’s the same power the Universe uses to create. 

You may feel a surge of power – a new found confidence go through you, like you’re the BOSS. 

Notice I said ‘the’ and not ‘a’ BOSS! 

Because there is none other. You are the supreme creator of your reality. 

When listening to this file, command the end result to be so. See it in your present reality. You can visualise this, speak it, or just think it. 

With this file, there is no limit to what you can manifest. 

Except one small one of course – which has been put in place to protect both our karma – the power in this file will not allow you to harm anyone. 

This protocol will automatically boost any file you listen to.

When and how many times can I listen to this protocol?

Listen to this file at least once or twice in the mornings, and once or twice at night. Anything you listen to in between will automatically be boosted. 

It’s never a good idea to loop my files, as they are all built to be potent, even the Youtube version(s). 

And yes, you may play this file before or after you listen to your subliminal, morphic, or energy file. 

How do I enhance the effects of this file?

By remaining focused on the end result. 

Out of a 100 people that listen to these files for change, 90% plus don’t want to do anything to achieve it. 

Even something as simple as visualising or imagining for a few minutes. 

Don’t be the 90%. Focus on the end result, and like a boss, MAKE it happen. 

Another problem is that most people don’t actually know, with clarity, the change that they truly want. If you’re not clear on what you want, how will your subconscious mind, or the energies contained in these protocols, know?

Also, to enhance the effects further, take slow deep breaths as you listen to this file. Breathe in the energy into every cell of your body. 

If you can visualise, close your eyes and imagine little golden droplets of energy flowing towards you, touching your skin, then absorbing into you. And, as it does, every cell of your body begins to vibrate and glow a deep golden hue. 

This little addition could quiet possibly grant you a permanent increase in manifestation ability. 

How does this file differ from the Manifestation Overload file?

Both protocols differ in what they do and how they achieve the end result. 

The Manifestation Overload protocol, is mantra energy replicated, which will raise your vibration to create everything you desire (Everything good, that is), eventually. 

This file taps into the actual aspect of the divine feminine energy of creation, then pumps that energy into whatever desire you’re entertaining at that time. How high you vibrate isn’t important with this protocol. It’s not interested. It will simply surge power into the desire. 

How is this file different from the Biokinesis Booster File?

The Biokinesis file has a built in booster, with the bulk of the protocol focused on the biokinesis function. And, if you’re serious about glamour related changes, that’s the file you should be using 

This file doesn’t discriminate. It is a pure booster, it does nothing else but boost anything you want. It will boost anything, glamour related or not. 

What else can I use this file for?

I’m glad you asked! 

This protocol will boost absolutely everything, including your thoughts. Simply play this file whilst you’re actively thinking about something. It could be success in business, or a relationship, or something working out, and it will boost it. 

And before you ask, NO it will not boost your ‘unconscious’ thoughts. That’s because none us know what dark thoughts are lurking in there. 

Back to business!

If you engage in the use of manifestation methods like 55 x 5, or using the methods of Christie Marie Sheldon, reciting or repeating affirmations, or even whilst you’re mantra chanting, play this file in the background, and it will boost it all. 

You can even use this file with radionics machines to enhance the results of whatever it is you’re working on. 

Can I use this booster with Subliminals too? 

This booster can be used with everything, including subliminals, affirmations, morphic and energy files. 

What does the Advanced File do?

Besides being 1000% the energy of this version, the advanced version has one additional super power. 

I’ve built into that file, the ability for energy to flow, even when the sound is on mute. What this means is that you can play the advanced file, over or under the file you’re wanting to boost. 

I will issue a warning here. Please, if you do use the advanced version in this way, please DO NOT LOOP the files. Play it once or twice max per day. 

If you do play it more than twice, please space them out throughout the day. 

There are amongst you, those that are more vibrationally advanced, and for you, its fine to listen to the files more than just twice, however, I issue these warnings, because there are users who underestimate the potency of these energies and the impact they can have upon us. 

Going into detox mode isn’t the goal here. It will slow down the results you seek. 

The Advanced version is available for immediate download from our online store.

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