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Spiritual Techniques

The Love and Pleasure Protocol (Om Kleem Kamadevaay Namah – Mantra Energy Series)

Kleem is a powerful, universal force of attraction, and ‘Kama’ is the deity, or energy field of love, desire(s) and pleasure(s). 

So, combined, the mantra energy is a force for attracting love, sense pleasures, and the fulfilment of desires in one’s life. 

This is the first of four love based protocols to come.  The others will focus on drawing your soul mate or ideal life partner to you.

This protocol is the energy output equivalent of 108 recitations of the Kama Devaay mantra. 

The advanced version is the energy output equivalent of 1008 recitations of the Kama Devaay mantra. 

As you play this file, the subtle energies assimilate with your vibration, attracting love, heightening your senses, attracting sense pleasure(s), and fulfilling material desires. 

Please note, when I say sense pleasures, I’m not just talking about sexual pleasures. This refers to all pleasures related to all of your senses. 

Naturally, using this protocol will also heighten sexual energy in the body. 

Here are some additional benefits as outlined by the Vedic Priest in our team of contributors:

  • Has the power to heal sexual related problems. 
  • Heighten passion and purpose in one’s life. 
  • Can reignite passion in an existing relationship, or a past relationship (Can bring back an ex, if that is what you desire). 

Please be mindful that if someone has moved on, it’s usually the best thing to happen for all concerned. 

  • Can solve relationship related problems.
  • Can supercharge your manifestation powers, if you can harness the sexual energy within you. 
  • Can help establish love for yourself, within yourself. 
  • Will invite real love into your life. 
  • Will enhance your personality, charm and magnetism.
  • Can fulfil desires at a rapid speed.
  • And, can manipulate the energies of situations, in your favour. 

On this last point, it means that the energies can tilt the balance of power, in your favour, if other people are involved. 

Your vibration will become magnetic enough, so that people will desire to serve your needs, in whatever way possible. 

The best way to use this file is to think about what you desire, in terms of pleasures in your life, whilst the file is playing. Day dream away. This would be more lifestyle related. 

If you’re desiring to connect with someone in particular (love wise), then think about that person, whilst the file is playing. 

A word of warning! The energies are capable of strongly attracting people to you. If you misuse this for just sexual pleasures, then please be mindful of the consequences, karmic consequences. 

Desires wise, our Vedic Priest instructs that you listen to the file for 9 straight days, before you ask the energies for the fulfillment of your desires. Make sure to verbalise your desires. You can mentally speak to the energies as well.

Listen to this file 2 – 3 times per session. One session in the morning, and one in the afternoon is more than enough. 

If you’re looking for something more powerful, we have an advanced version available in our site store. For those using the advanced version, I highly recommend talking to the energies about all that you desire in your life, as if you’re telling a friend how amazing your life already is. 

Remember, all of our advanced files come with heightened intelligence, so, you can pretty push the limits of what the energies can achieve. 

Note. I usually ask the Vedic Priest to recite the mantras, which I energy test in recreating the energy output equivalent, in creating our files. Since the Vedic Priest is celibate, I recreated the energy field, by measuring the energy output of my own recitations of the mantra. I did have the Vedic Priest energy test the file, to ensure that our energy field is top notch.

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