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Spiritual Techniques

The Guru Field

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

This would have to be the most frustrating truth to accept for anyone starting off on their path of awareness. 

Notice that I didn’t call it a ‘spiritual’ path? The reason is that our entire existence is our spiritual path. We’re all just on different levels of awareness. 

When awareness begins to creep into our consciousness, we begin to question reality. Everything that we believe our world to be, begins to fall apart. 

It often feels like you’re the only one awake in a dream world filled with one track minded robots. 

Not a single day goes by where you’re not left wondering ‘What the f***k?’, in observation of the world and people around you.

At some point, you will begin to feel a deep loneliness. For some, it can be overwhelming, even leading to deep unrelenting depression. 

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? The journey is far worse than it sounds. It is the complete breaking down of your world as you know it. 

There is, however, a purpose to all this madness. It is designed to bring about a realisation of the illusionary nature of our material existence, including the body that you believe to be you. 

This process is like the washing away of ignorance, preparing us for re-discovering the ultimate truth of who or what we really are. 

How severe the process is for you, depends on how ingrained you’ve been to the material world, and the false identity. 

It is usually at this point, when your true Guru appears. At that moment, something beautiful and extremely powerful happens. It’s like divine love flowing into the empty vessel that you’ve become. 

This ‘Guru’ is not someone you’re meeting for the first time. This is likely to be a soul that you’ve known for many lifetimes, who has already walked the path that you find yourself on, right now.

Chances are that you made an agreement with this soul to find you in this life. 

Note. Everyone on the spiritual path, has a guru, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the guru is in physical form. 

It is important to understand, that although your true guru isn’t physically around you, s/he, is aware of your existence, and is most likely also watching over you. 

No matter how lonely you may feel, you are truly never alone.

Out of all the protocols we’ve created and released, this is possibly the one I’m most excited about. It will help provide the comfort, and hopefully the guidance, needed for millions of people on the path to self awareness. 

So, a few months ago, I was listening to a Yogi that spoke about the guru mantra he received from his guru, and he was sharing this mantra openly with everyone. 

The mantra is “Om Hreem Shri Gurubhyo Namah”. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the mantra itself is not unique. However, when a mantra like this is handed down from guru to follower, the connection it establishes is unique. 

This got me thinking – what would be the difference between the energy of this mantra, and the energy of all other guru mantras, including the unique mantra given to myself by my true guru. 

What I discovered was that there is absolutely no difference in the energy of any of the guru mantras. And, this applies across all religions. 

For example, if your guru told you to focus just on ‘love’, then the energy output of this would be the same as the energy field of any other guru mantra. The end result, or destination, is always the same. 

So, the actual energy or power isn’t so much in the words that make up the mantra, but the actual transmission from the guru. 

This absolutely blew me away. 

And, like the mad scientist that I am, I set off to discover the energy signature that is common in transmissions from all gurus. 

The result – ‘The Guru Field’. 

The purpose of this protocol is to connect you to the ‘transmission’ of what is ultimately energy, from your actual guru to you. 

You do not need to know who this guru is. Your soul and your guru already know. 

For some of the more advanced spiritual practitioners, you might even meet your guru in meditation. Mine certainly appeared every time I played this file during energy testing. 

You may feel a warmth, or a presence, more love, calmness, or a full blown vision. Each experience will be different. 

The protocol itself has been created in the same way as our mantra energy series. We’ve taken the base energy signature of the transmission, like the energy output of one recitation of a guru mantra, then sort the energy field that would be 108x energy output, for the YouTube version, and 1008x for the advanced version. 

Although, every time I’ve energy tested the advanced version, I see the energy block to be more than 19 times the energy of the Youtube version. 

It Is best to meditate with this file, through speakers, allowing your complete body, and your environment to absorb the energy transmitting from your guru. 

You can speak verbally or mentally, seeking guidance, etc. If your astral senses are not yet open, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. 

Gurus have a habit of speaking in riddles, or ignoring you entirely. This is usually because they know that your journey is more important. 

I hope you love this protocol as much as I do. 

Stay blessed!

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