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Spiritual Techniques

Shivoham Mantra Energised 108x

They say the spiritual journey begins when you have an awakening. This isn’t quite true. 

The truth is that our entire existence is a spiritual journey, from a state of complete ignorance, to a state of complete awareness. 

This journey isn’t limited to a single life. It does not begin with birth into this present life, nor does it end at the death of the physical body in this present life. 

I’m not talking about religious beliefs or religious principles here. I am referring to the flow of conscious energy, which the Soul calls a journey. 

On this journey, you play multiple characters, across many lifetimes.

Throughout the cycle of births, deaths and rebirths, the Soul experiences a great deal of creation. 

And if you so happen to be born, on Earth, in a time period (mahadasha), which is further away from the centre of the galaxy, the energy creates an illusion so powerful, that even the spirit begins to believe it is the character it’s playing in this life. 

Eventually, the Soul begins to feel at odds with present consciousness. 

Something doesn’t feel right. 

Doesn’t feel real. 

You lose passion. Lose motivation. You lose the desire to live your material life. 

You begin to question your existence, and for many, it results in an existential crisis, that turns one’s life upside down. 

Nothing seems to make sense. Our life choices, relationships, friendships, etc, all raise red flags. 

No matter what you do in the material world, the nagging inner feeling that something is missing, continues to burden you. 

To make things worse, like the matrix movies, when you stop conforming to the illusion, you notice that the illusion begins to take special interest in you…not in a nice way.

Murphy’s law kicks in, and so, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. 

Before you know it, you can feel every energetic bump on the road…people and situations drain you, and you see the world as if you’re stuck in a dream where you’re back in preschool, whilst still an adult, surrounded by toddlers. 

You continue to exist in the material world, trying to hold your life together, convincing yourself that you’re not in deep depression, or going mental, all whilst internally, you’re desperately seeking peace, and some way of making sense of it all. 

This madness, is the Soul wanting to consciously connect with / return back to Source. 

When I say Source, I mean, only that, which is truly real in the multiverse. Everything else is an illusion. 

Now to this protocol. 

The protocol is part of our ‘mantra energy series’. 

For those of you new to our channel and site, the mantra energy series is where we re-create the energy output of the mantra’s energy field, equivalent to a set number of recitations. 

So, you’re not listening to the mantra, you’re accessing its energy field, and the block of energy equivalent to 108, or 1008 recitations. 

This protocol, replicates the energy field of the mantra, ‘Shivoham’. 

Translated, it means ‘I am Shiva’. And no, not Shiva as in the author (me), but Siva, which is the basis of both Source and Creation. 

Another way to look at it – it’s the silence from which sound emanates. 

The fabric upon which, the multiverse is created. 

The purpose of this protocol is to help draw you out of the madness you’re presently experiencing. 

To feel the void, by realising the void itself. 

‘Shivoham’ is considered to be the most powerful mantra, or vibration, in existence. 

Looking at, and experiencing its energy, I tend to agree. 

Siva, isn’t part of consciousness. It is within the realm of awareness, which sits outside of the illusion. It is what the Soul has been yearning for. 

The Youtube version is the energy output equivalent of 108x recitations, and our advanced version is equivalent to the energy output of 1008x recitations. 

We recommend you meditate with these protocols, playing the file once or twice, per session. 

And for those, whom are dedicated to, and disciplined with their spiritual practice, we highly recommend you meditate with these files around the new moon, each month, and especially around what is called the ‘Maha Shivratri’. 

On these days (each month), there is a tremendous upsurge of energy within the energy grid, allowing you to take advantage of this energy, providing quantum leaps in consciousness and awareness. 

This year, Maha Shivratri falls on the night of 1 March, with the energy beginning to upsurge up to 16 days prior. 

For the serious practitioners, we recommend meditating with, or playing the advanced file, with some conscious engagement, 7 times, throughout the day, so as to reach an energy release equivalent of 125,000 recitations in 16 days. 

The advanced version is available in our site store.

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